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Goddess of Archery

Hiya grasshoppers!!!! Today I wanna share my Sexy Secret of why I have my eye targeted on the bulls-eye of humanity! Yes, it IS true that I’ve always been somewhat of a passionate person; at times, to the point of being a down right annoyance, OR, so I’ve been told anyway. I Love, Love, Love a lot, AND, I Love, Love, Love hard to the core. Whether it's people on the street, our treasured trees of any jungle, those fine feathered friends, OR, the liquid sunshine; it's all fair game to me! There's a tendency in me to put my hand on my heart Chakra, beam my friendliness, AND, say? I Love, Love, Love this SOOOOOO much, AND, I Love, Love, Love you SOOOOO much, that my World is SOOOOO F****IN beautiful because of that Love, Love Love!!!!!

Deeeeeeppppp down, I'm extremely empathetic, to the F***IN point where seein someone else’s pain WILL cause torment inside my being. My instinct? To erase the anguish right outta their DNA, AND, give them just one moment of knowing that a living soul F***IN gives a shit! When a cashier at the grocery store confides in me that She’s in the middle of chaos, OR, Her kid is sick in the hospital, I CAN NOT help, BUT, (of course) reach across the Goddess damn counter, squeeze Her arm, AND, tell Her how sorry I am of the unfairness placed on Her aching heart! Even when someone I barely F***IN know says somethin nice to me, I hug them, WITH AN IMPACT! I tell people I Love, Love, Love them all the time. Yepper, peppers, even my clients. Sometimes even strangers who read my blogs on the internet reach out to me. Now, I don’t do this to cheapen the word, OR, the sentiment of it all. It's NOT being tossed around lightly believe me; I really F***IN mean it damn it!! Sometimes, a Sister or brother will say, OR, do somethin that sets off a spark in my blood thumper, AND, I feel it you know; like I can see just a peek of their beautiful spirit which BTW, doesn't reveal its' gorgeous head too often on this planet lemme tell ya! I see their Love, Love, Love in that moment, AND, can’t help but say so to them. This Love, Love, Love, people I believe, ISSSSSS part of my Sexual energy. BUT, (pay attention) let me be clear here that I HAVE a very expansive definition dontcha know, on the subject of Sexual energy. As I’ve said before, The Moxie down below ISSSSS the VIRTUE of creativity, AND, Love, Love, Love. I'm NOT sayin that it's always an expression of genius talent, OR, Love, Love, Love; sometimes it’s just an rendition of the most basic human desire to just touch, AND, be touched. And that’s perfectly fine. BUT, (touché) NO MATTER how it manifests, it comes from the same GODDESS damn place! In its highest incarnation, when IT realizes ITS full potential, Sexual energy IS a vehicle for? OUR LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PEOPLE!!!! What it does ISSSSS? It gives our rapture power purpose, AND? The capability to impact other people with that healing affection; in both Sexual, AND non-Sexual arenas. If this frequency called LOVE IS an arrow? Then Sexual fortitude IS the bow Loveaaaaass!!! Unfortunately, the guts of this virile IS really easy to misuse, AND, misdirect. It's because of THE FACT THAT in our culture, we HAVE NOT been taught how to wield our bows PROPERLY with concentrated, focused skill. I’m NOT talkin about morality here, so don’t take me the wrong way. I’m referring to knowing what the hell we want from our desire below the navel! Knowing how to express that rapaciousness from a place of POTENTIAL, which IS, BTW AGAIN, a position of deeply knowing ourselves BOTH confidently, AND, vulnerably. This my fine friends WILL send the arrow to ground zero, EVERY TIME! In ITS maximal manifestation, I mean when IT realizes ITS full potential, Sacred Sexual Stamina IS THE PORTAL FOR HUMAN PASSION!!!! Who IS the strong riser, with flexible limbs, AND, the correct amount of tension in their Sexy string? The Goddess of Archery that's who!!!!! How many of you even have this? Look, even if you wanna learn how to wield a proper bow from me? It won't mean shit if ya don’t take care of it, YOU'LL FAIL the target in your life!!!! I’ve always tried to keep my angelic angle consistent. Well, alright, I guess it’s fair to say that I've probably failed at least a half dozen times (Ya, that's 6 times) in my life, BUT, (For Goddess Sake) I picked my F****IN curtsy back up again, AND, HAVE NOT lost sight of who the hell I am in the face of certain Sexual attractions! BUT, (here goes) what I HAVE failed to do WAS? Lift the guarded energy, AND, give IT to the partners, OR, Loved ones who truly needed my missile on a mission! Why? Well, as a professional Sexual channeler, I have honed my Sexual Love for myself, AND, diverted IT ALL into my practice for others to be nourished!

Sister's, brother's, keep that curved weapon strong, AND, keep an eye out for the energy in your body. I know you notice that rising of the Serpent deep down in the center of your gardens when you desire someone; you're a F****IN human, aren't you? IN MY WORLD? LoL! Sexual hunger, AND, creative expression ARE the EXACT same thing. The turn on IS incredible when I’m writing for instance, when the words are spilling out of me (yes, even when I’m not writing about LA LA). The feeling just manifests differently in offbeat situations. If I’m with a La, La Loveaaaaaa? Ha, we’ll just stumble on into my pleasure palace to play! If I’m by myself, AND, have work to do, that energy gets routed right here onto the page, OR? I stream The Goddess of Archery into my Sacred Sessions at work!

So, backing to the original question. Can we furrow this life force into one another WITHOUT engaging in Sexual liveliness? WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!! AND? I know this BECAUSE I’ve given it out, AND, received it COUNTLESS times, in NON Sexual encounters. I HAVE spent the last 10 years; yepper, peppers, 10 successful years of Sacred practice in Toronto people, AND, I"m NOT stopping either!!! The bazooka bag I CARRY ON MY BACK, full of The Conscious Sexual Channeling Arrows I stow away for seekers who HAVE scouted me out to receive the streaming of my bows? Well, THEY'RE UNIVERSAL HEALING PROJECTILES, despite THE FACT that these people go back out into the World that's filled with the toxicity of THE WETIKO VIRUS! Look that one up grasshoppers!!!!

Call IT whatcha want, BUT, (closing note) I prefer to label all this as? SIMPLE LOVE FROM THE GODDESS OF ARCHERY!!! I see my Sexual Love Energy as the force that directs, AND, empowers sorry souls. AND NO, it DOES NOT necessarily have anything to do with Sex at all!

Aim, shoot, BULLS-EYE on you all!!!


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