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Goddess With Free Rein

Hey Loveaaaasss!! Whatda know about the FEMININE origins of The Statue of Liberty? You probably don't even realize HER true essence do you? Well, I'm not from the states, (thank Goddess) BUT, (let's get to it) what we're NOT taught in North American schools ARE the truly significant Goddess Gospel poops regarding that Sister of Free Rein! Those pertinent facts of the matter that remain largely unknown revolve around the true Herstory of the representations inception as well as the meaning, AND, significance behind the FEMALE TORSO standing in New York!!! French sculptor, Frederic Bartholdi, designed HER. Good ol' Freddy DID NOT originate the concept of the image. Its creation for liberty, AND freedom WAS first proposed by another Romantic cultural man by the name of Edward Laboulaye. It WAS Laboulaye’s idea, AND, determination during the American Civil War that carried the idea from a simple notion to an actual project. Laboulaye, WAS a French FREEMASON, AND, he proposed the idea of a giant Maiden replicating A GODDESS that the Masonic movement idolized. AS THEY SHOULD!!!! Laboulaye proceeded to raise the loot, support, AND, commissioned Bartholdi to provide the sculpture of this GODDESS of illumination from ancient times! So, what deity was this anyway? Well, SHE WAS THE GODDESS known by various names; a pretty versatile Vixen I'd say! Laboulaye, AND, his fellow Freemason sculptor Bartholdi, referred to HER as Libertas, BUT, (of course) SHE WAS also an early adoption by Romans of the Babylonian GODDESS Ishtar! You'd better remember HER people!!! You'll need to follow my research on this to fully understand this Icon's nuts, AND, bolts. The Roman GODDESS Libertas WAS the name of an ancient Roman Spirited Woman Idol adopted by the bold faced race perhaps as early as the 5th century BC and certainly by the 4th Century BC. SHE WAS referred to as The GODDESS of personal freedom, AND, liberty. AND? In the fact of this matter grasshoppers? Libertas meant freedom damn it! Soooooo, liberty means? F***IN Freedom!!! This particular GODDESS WAS our ancient Girlfriend of unrestrained living! Why? Because SHE promoted the ideals for claimed leeway to do anything that damn well felt good that's what! She WAS also called the Matriarch Goddess of PROSTITUTION. Why again? Because SHE WAS the one that promoted SEXUAL FREEDOM Lovelies!!!! Yepper, dear peppers; SHE indeed had invented the concept of it all! The slaves WORSHIPED HER (as they should) in the hopes of winning their eternal exemption. Many Women who gained privilege later turned to prostitution to persevere, AND, thereby retained Libertas as their Goddess, ESPECIALLY, if they became Priestesses in the Libertas cult. This little tart Libertas WAS also a pioneer of war in order to cause a ruckus, AND, battle royal to remain alive! At times SHE WAS pegged as the Dryad of victory BECAUSE, keeping afloat MUST have victory in order to survive! This Fairy Goddess WAS also the catalyst for immigrants. The whole idea people, of immigration connoted the Sexy scheme of rightful flexibility. Her popularity oooozzzed with uniqueness because of HER exclusive doctrine of hearing personal prayers. We know that this Extraordinary Feminine Being existed people! Why? Because of the records left behind to us; do your research! We've got the ancient writings of Cicero who scribbled about this Magical Miracle Worker, AND, HER Temple on the Aventine Way in Rome. She IS even depicted on some Roman coins as wearing a playful beret, AND, having a wreath along with a spear, OR, better yet? Sometimes a sword! Not only this, BUT, (know it) SHE was well robed, AND, at other times SEDUCTIVELY unclothed in both sculptures, AND OF COURSE, paintings. Upon my further investigation, I found out that the Greeks (Bless them) HAD acquired knowledge of THIS AMAZING BEING from previous empires in the Middle East, AND in Egypt. This Gorgeous Goddess WAS called Ashtoreth in Hebrew, AND, in the Old Testament’s Greek version (the Septuagint). Ashtoreth becomes transliterated into the Greek as Astarte, which BTW, became the early Greek name for? Daaaaaaaaa, The Goddess Aphrodite!! Later still, the Romans did the same, (copy cats) AND, referred to HER as (Ta Da) Venus. It seems to me after goin down the rabbit hole further, that the allure of Ishtar WAS Her canon of HOLY SEX, OR, salvation by HOLY SEXUAL RELATIONS with a temple Priestess, OR, priest as a means of purification, AND, cozy consecration!!! Of course, this entailed payin the Priestess, OR, the priest for that matter, AND THUS? It WAS officially sanctioned, AND, therefore? Holy prostitution!!!! Ishtar encourage the fuel to burn by introducing the whole brain wave theory to the human F***IN race! Atta Girl!!!! So why? Think about it people! The removal of sins by the practice of the sinner engaging in a HOLY rite of SEXUAL KINSHIP'S with a Priestess, OR, priest, THAT'S WHY!!! This action would involve the payment of money (sound familiar) to the Divine Feminine, OR, the divine masculine as part of the cleansing process. It WAS an offering of thanksgiving for the purification process. This my faithful followers IS the VERY FIRST case Herstory of PROSTITUTION in ALL human history!

The motto of The Goddess With Free Rein WAS? If it feels good, F***IN do it damn it! Didn’t we hear that same idea as a theme song during the 1960's? I dunno, cuz I was just a kid under 6. All I can say about today's spew? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEFINITELY DOES NOT DESERVE TO HAVE HER STATUE IN THEIR POSSESSION. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT GOVERNMENT CORPORATE ESTABLISHMENT KNOW ABOUT FREE FUCKING REIN? THEY DON'T GIVE US SHIT; THEY'RE NOTING BUT A BUNCHA LYIN, STEALING, CHEATING THIEVES OF OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!

Know more people!


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