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Sexual Script

Hey you horny hornets! When it comes to SEX, which IS where we've come from; tell me, why do people act the way they do during the IT of IT ALL? In this week's rendering, I want you ALL to examine my thesis on THE Sexual Script. Included in this dissecting of the sort ISSSSSS, how rooted implants develop alongside society, AND, how they can influence individuals, AND, couples. Let's use Julie as a fictitious Woman who knows what the hell She wants, AND, runs right on after it! If She longs for a new job, She applies. She desires a vacation, Sooooo, She books a flight, AND, damn well goes! BUT, (common occurrence) when it comes to La La, Julie doesn't always go after what She REALLY has an appetite for! Sometimes, She yanks back when our Girlfriend should be gettin closer. WTF IS goin on here? Well, if you must know; there's a whole harvest of mindful marbles of why our Sister might be wavering when it comes to the Passionate Pushy Party! One sociological theory ISSSSSS? The Sexual Script theory, which says that human Sexual behaviours ensue a type of social pleasure penmanship. Don't get it people? Let me give ya's an example. A common script ISSSSS that some Lady Loves ARE coy, OR, lack fearlessness when it comes to La La, BUT, (and this IS a big BUT) men USUALLY are a tad bit more aggressive, which IS BTW, fueled by testosterone of course. We wanna help our Little Missy's out there Loveaaaaaas, so they can figure out what the culprits are! Soooooo my grasshoppers; let's take a look at the key ideas in The Sexual Script impression; AS WELL AS, the development of these stats. According to this philosophy, our intimate inklings, AND, demeanor regarding TADA, are also written into a Sacred Score of things. This romp in the hay reckoning ISN'T literally written out in paper, BUT, () IS given to us through society social order! Look Lovelies, our culture basically tells us how to behave, AND? How NOT to behave through the direct handling of media, the ever so etched in stone system of education, AND? The confabulation of jibber jabber!!! Listen, EVERYONE has their own, individual script to read in their Sexual life, BUT, (again) there ARE certain elements that can be identified in most of them. As our Sexuality IS expressed within our culture, it makes perfect sense, to me anyway, that these rehearsal platforms would be based on it. BUT, (as you must know) there are some major F*** UPS with broadening based prescribed drills. We ALL know this shit, right?! What's their heteronormative, meaning? Well, they focus mainly on heterosexuality, when there's A TON of Sister's and brother's who ARE NOT heterosexual at all! Plus, we've got SOOOOOOO much outdated data out there, BECAUSE civilized perceptions change damn it; AS THEY SHOULD!!! So, for truths of all matter of facts? Sexual Scripts start out as cultural culminated CRAP!!!! BUT, (you know it) they don't halt there my tribe. These SO CALLED dignifying denominators ARE translated into interpersonal CONDITIONING as people interact with others. Let's look at our Lady Bug Julie again when SHE'S with a Sexual partner. She just might act according to the domestic cultural script of Her Mother who was shy, OR, half heartedly harpooned HER birth born right to have a voice in life for ANYTHING! That timid upbringing SEEPED ON OVER TO JULIE'S SEX LIFE!!! That en-grained inscription then, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, becomes an interpersonal blueprint. We ALL know, (hopefully) that interpersonal means? Within a person right, RIGHT? That's what's goin on here. A Sister, OR, a brother IS internalizing, making IT part of who they are. For example, Julie might decide that She's just too mousy to initiate Sex. The internalization WILL have a powerful influence over a person. Julie, (for example) might decide one night to launch the opening of Her Butterfly Wings with Her partner, BUT, (common scenario) HAS the guilty feeling, OR, thinks something's misdeeded, hence, impacting Her thoughts, AND, emotions thereafter. Like a script for a TV show or movie grasshoppers, a Sexual Script IS a mental story detailing specific events, AND, assigning certain roles, which ARE parts that each actor plays in the story. If a Female asks a male out to the movies? The Herstorical Script suggests that he is expected to pay for both his ticket, AND, his date’s ticket. If he doesn't, then he is violating the TRADITIONAL understanding for a date, right? If his date subscribes to the taken for granted version of this script? Well, he might fail to meet Her expectations, with the possible consequence that She WON'T go out with him ever again. Awww, too bad, SOOOOOO sad! This IS all based on shared PATHETIC cultural ideals, AND, STUPID social norms! They're LEARNED from, AND, reinforced by our family folk, fine feathers friends, the warped minds of church goers, the manipulation of media, AND? Basically a lower frequency of vibration of other people around us.



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