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3 Hinges of Sex

Hiya grasshoppers! How strong are your hinges on your Sexy doors? Listen, Sex recurrently draws us into an alliance, AND, then? Helps keep cozy coherence alive Loveaaasss! BUT, (without fail) what the hell IS good La La anyway? If you're always lookin at the images that bombard most people in society every day from magazines, AND, movies, good Pushy Pushy IS instantaneous, BETTER BE ENTIRELY mutual, cataclysmic, AND? Is always best at the very beginning of an Erotic exchange. In the matter of fact here? Tons of surveys tell us that in real life, Sister's and brother's in long term horny hookups who can talk openly about their SEX life? Well, they HAVE more, AND, better plum pie than new, OR, more reticent twosomes. What really calls the shots of what kinda SEX you're gonna have IS NOT the novel positions you find in the manuals, OR, the newest tips in the latest Goddess gazette either. What it boils down to ISSSSSS? How safely attached you are to your Love, Love, Loveaaaaaaa! Emotional presence, AND, your dependability of the bottom dollar ARE the biggest aphrodisiacs of all time!!!!! The NEW Sexy Science of attachment tells Sacred Sexuality practitioners like myself, that there ARE 3 kinds of SEX. One ISSSSSSS, sealed off Sex. This IS all about reducing Sexual constriction, achieving the big "O", AND, feelin pretty damn good about your Sexual prowess overall. The name of the game here? SENSATION! The more the better, AND, performance, OR, the Goddess I am hot quotient? Basically, the tie up with the other person IS? LAST IN LINE FOR PLEASURE!!! Ha! These are your one night stand people! BUT, (realize) in a long term kinship, this IS bad bulletins of disclosure. Not being prejudice here, BUT, (I must say) men SEEM TO BE more effortlessly adept to rule in this kind of Wonder lust. They're naturally wired to move quickly from arousal to orgasm with their eyes F***IN closed! Girlfriends on the other hand of things take a Sensual path (Tantric in all ways) to become aroused, AND needs more co-ordination happenin with a Sexy solicitor to really enjoy the union at all. Like I said, sealed off Sex works OK for those road gigs, BUT, (remember) it's one dimensional SOOOOOO, continual novelty IS binding. This kind of La La WILL be mutually satisfying occasionally in long term rapports, BUT, (Ta Da!) if it's the norm, the blissful bond IS in dire straits. Why? Because, this kinda impersonal Pushy HAS the effect of makin a Sister, OR, brother feel recycled, AND, emotionally forsaken. Secondly we have Solace Sex. This ISSSSSS when we're NOT quite sure that our Loveaaaaa is really there for us at all, when we have the NEEDINESS for lots of reassurance. If we're anxious about whether we can depend on the apple of our alliance, we get caught up in pleasin our flaming friend to win their approval. We concentrate on cuddling, AND, affection rather than abandoning ourselves in the act of making out. Comforting, tender touch IS part of treasured SEX, BUT, (watch out) when we get preoccupied with gaining reassurance, eroticism becomes wretched, AND, UNHINGED! We're highly sensitive to signs of rejection with this type of Sex. Sooooo, when our play pal says, “You know, I just don’t feel like it tonight”, we can’t manage to respond like we should with, “Oh, that's disheartening; I was looking forward to making Love, Love, Love. "Anyway, we can make it another time or just chat, AND, cuddle for a while.” BUT!!!!! Instead? We free fall into catastrophic thinking, doubting that we're really even Love, Love, Loved! And, as a result of that? Well, we wind up pressuring our comrade to give it up, OR, gettin into arguments about exactly why they're NOT feeling Sexy. When this kind of SEX is the norm? IT'S TIME TO f***IN TALK!!! Being in sync, hence synchronicity Sex ISSSSSS when emotional openness, responsiveness, tender TANTRIC touch, AND, erotic exploration ALL come togethaaaaaa!!!! This, my Sexy friends ISSSSS THE SEX that executes, making the grade A with honours! The key prerequisite here ISSSS? NOT barbaric Sexual techniques, BUT, (hello) a (key word) SAFE emotional bond. The more preserved we feel devotedly, the more we'll communicate, express our needs, playfully explore our responses, AND, chillax into Sexual excitability. Literally? WE CAN tune into each other, AND, co-ordinate that passionate dance, sensing each others inner state, AND, responding to how arousal shifts, AND, peaks. Sexy safeness that's TENDER, shapes physical synchrony, AND? Well grasshoppers, as you must know, that discernible accord formats impetuous Sexual freedom!!!! Last note, BUT, (not in the least over yet) Sex that IS simultaneous, excavates expansively our fusion with our LOVEAAAAAAA! What I tell couples who come to see me to improve their Sex life ISSSSSS? Plain ol' practice of my teachings, AND, emotional presence makes PERFECT in the Sexy Sak!!! The thrill in this kind of NURTURING SEX IS like the safe adventure of strutting the tango with a credible consort. You're totally engaged in the whirl of it all!!! Look Lovelies, just let the susceptible, along with the physical music take you guys over, AND, over!!! Constant improvisation, prurient play, emotional presence, AND, certitude ISSSSSS the biggest thrill that WILL last a lifetime PEOPLE!!!!!! Screw in your hinges! oxoxoxoxoxoxo

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