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Medicine Box

How the heck are you all out there anyway? Say, when was the last time you were sick lovelies? AND, what did you do about it? See your Doctor and have them prescribe you something? Did it treat the issue or only band-aide the surface? Today's ordinate tonic is a homemade tasty brew served up by MOI of course! It's readily available anytime as a restorative remedy, for any unsexy syndrome! That is, if you have access to the life blood of the Female. Mmmm. . . my favorite part of the discussion up to the moment unquestionably! The Amrita (Female sexy serum) is extremely nutritious to us both physically as well as spiritually. That shits impregnated with energy to rejuvenate our tired and aging bodies, AND, lifts our spirits to the sexy sky high club! This IS a succulent vaccine that HAS invigorating powers in it people; so don't underestimate it! Sacred sexy sap IS gonna cleanse the psyche, thus, giving you a shot in the arm for very deep seated wounds and traumas! BUT, (you must know) for it to work on this level, a woman MUST be in tune with this dimension of her Yoni juices OR she misses the sailboat for sending out the rehabilitating blessings! When you add the flow of Amrita ALONG with emotional remodeling work; the potential for exhilarating internal mending IS remarkably powerful! Sisters of our marble and their Amrita ALSO awakens spiritual consciousness in those who practice generating it regularly. AND, I MUST stress the REGULARLY here! It's in the longer duration of making LA LA that you get the full benefit of the brain chemistry changes that manifests, along with hormonal regulation, endorphin production, AND, the ACCESS into altered states of consciousness. With this protocol; quickies WILL NOT work people!!! Ladies, DO YOU KNOW that you have a medicine box packed like sardines full of remedial supplements and alloys? You need to have that beautiful box annexed everyday as a tool for de-stressing lethal contaminants out of your bodies from your circadian life! AND, also having very long cozy conferences with your loveaaaa at least once a week to delve deep into any resentfulness, irritations, concerning despairs and so on and on and on, that have accumulated from your enduring, dutiful moon spans, through ecstatic states of sexual pleasure! By gettin your hands on the buried layers of GARBAGE when you have longer intimate get together's of sexual stimulation; it's in those stretched out, what BETTER be hours of ravishing rapture, that you'll restore any disconnection from your mind, body and sexy, spunky spark! I'm tellin ya! You MUST keep your Amrita flowing Girlfriends!!! Catch those jewel drops in a bowl and use it in rituals as an anointing body oil. By the same token, drink or cook with that damn stuff! That wholesome gravy has even been used as medicine for sick children believe it or not! AND, here's also a first class choice! Spray that sexy sachet on your flaming fury of a male ally when he gets cranky or depressed; AND, ingest it religiously as a tonic for the both of you! Female sexual, essential succulent, IS the nectar of curative bliss you desirable dragonflies! IF, and only if, a woman is intrinsically healthy and emotionally balanced; it's a medicinal elixir for ALL men, AMEN TO THAT!!! As a matter of fact; it actually is THE cure all for longevity for all you sexy studs out there. SOOOO in this case, a man who is GIFTED (which IS what this is!) by a woman; he better damn well drink up with gratitude and joy, AND, order up another F***** round!! BUT, I have to say, that if lady love is physically not rosy cheeked or has some scathing agitation swirling around, it's still fabulous Female flowering, BUT, it's NOT Amrita, or medicine for that matter. On a scientific level here my happy, horny hummingbirds? The chemistries will be the sexy antibody mixed with venomous poison, AND, should NOT be devoured because you brothers will be mixing corruption into the compound, soooo determine shrewdly lovelies! And, just to turn the tables here; the sexy doooo drops from men are NOT a longevity perfect potion for women. BUT, it IS like a super vitamin, WITH THE PROVISION that the man HAS NOT ejaculated for a while (usually about 3 to 6 weeks) and has good chi energy, otherwise, sorry Sisters, basically frail pulp! The importance of longevity thru sexual remedying for women with men, comes from you guys first taking a voyage over to her medicine box. You're only gonna visit for momentous periods of time with each sexy take off, usually a minimum of a 90 minute glide; with the average time for stopovers of 2 to 7 minutes. So, with that said, this doesn't mean 90 minutes in the air direct either! Purposely delay the flight at least 3 times during your navigation will ya guys! Also during your travels, you men must NOT orgasm with ejaculation so that you can share, circulate, AND, align your stamina with your Valentine! I know, I know; it sounds unnaturally merciless doesn't it? BUT, In this case, her body WILL be enlivened, and she WILL produce this special chemistry that renovates ill ness in you, AND, her! Your lustrous lovely WILL live generously longer with a prominent disposition in her peppy step! Sisters! Appoint your infatuate intelligently as well; for this practice, the same conditions are brought into play! MAKE CERTAIN he's a physically and emotionally bushy tailed piece of organic male meat! There are countless rehabilitating benefits to this beautiful experience. Unlike men, when cum clocks in, they're losing energy. BUT, when women punch the sundial; they don't experience this at all. IN FACT, from my experience, I gain a TON of energy!! After sharing MY sexy secret, I feel rainless in my body, my mind and my sparkler sours! EXTREME calm consumes me the very next day; and a metamorphose of super creative sexy syrup glistens with beautiful colours! And listen to this; there's also a semi detoxification process that happens, clearing the plumbing pipes the next morning!!! It balances your hormones and supports any conflicts that you have with your Aunt Flow as well Chicas! Other thundering Goddess sends include throat cleansing, hence, greater self expression. Your entire chakras are scrubbed, your blood pump is wide open, increased creativity, AND, greater self empowerment. The list IS really eternal people. With this antidote; who needs a F****** Doctor! Alright you winners, time to get your prescription re-filled don't ya think? oxoxoxoxo

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