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!!! Set Sexual Love Free !!!

Sexy Sisters, brothers! How goes your dance of life on the big green carpet of Tantra? Today IS the dawn to dark for permission, AND, could even be an EYE OPENER for some of you! BUT, I'll be as delicately precise in the process of this sermon, AS I POSSIBLY CAN! If you AND/OR your partner have more than one lovaaaa, this gives you the opportunity, AND, a fighting chance to do A LOT of emotional processing, like PRONTO!!! Have you read any of Osho's books? This IS why he encourages his sanyassins to have many admiring paramours! What the hell are sanyassins you ask? Well, the best way for me to explain who they are, isssssss? From my personal seasoned junctures of life; I can honesty vouch that no two sannyasins are the same that's for damn sure! They're basically disciplined students in the school of this cosmic universe; unquestionably without a doubt, DISCIPLINED! They express themselves and attain realization in a way which depends on their own individual personality. As each sannyasin progresses through their journey, their enormous quest in life becomes clearer and clearer before their own mind even does! They begin to embody higher dimensional values and attitudes which reflect a spontaneously growing spiritual awareness, AND, an expanding conception of them self, their aim, AND, mission for their sexy ass souls and heart connections!!! THEY'RE DOING THE WORK WHICH IS REQUIRED PEOPLE!!!! So, back to why Osho advocates his apprentices? So they CAN get through the homework drill of relationships lickety split that's why! Listen, having more than one playful sweetie, OR, more likely, seeing your partner with more than one sexy steady, CAN in all likelihood conjure up all kinds of jealousy and envy. Noooo, ya think? AND, underneath these pathetic pigeonholes? There are other sympathy sidekicks like feeling unworthy, rejected, abandoned, betrayed, not chosen, and NOT SPECIAL!!! These sentiments all need HEALING people, before we leave this F****** building of ours!!!! THE way for me, as a Tantrika, AND my student, is to feel ALL of these feelings that arise, FULLY, while maintaining a witness in sacred space. Again you ask; what the hell does that mean? Maintaining a witness MEANS remembering at all times, that I'm NOT my emotions OR my sophomores for that matter! AND, I'm NOT their friggin story either! The feelings that ARE perceived by me, OR, you Sisters or brothers out there, ARE OVER THE HILL! They MAY be summoned by our current LOVE, LOVE, LOVE affair, BUT, their origin IS jam packed in the once upon a time era! Just from simply being born can feel like an abandonment. It's like this grasshoppers! Before we even leeeeeeave the womb, we're floating in perfect unity, without any sense of separation at all. Imagine (and a lot of people do!) what it must be like to move from the womb, THEN, carrying unnecessary emotional BULLSHIT to the tomb in this F****** world of ours! Envision being dragged out, turned upside down under bright neon lights! See in your mind's eye will ya; how painful that first breath of air must have felt like for us! When we were little, we couldn't cope with these intense gut grinders, could we? Soooo, we suppressed them; because that's what we're F****** told to do! Stowing them away until the storm of life ends. Well, the Goddess damn storm is ancient history people! It DOES NOT have to be this way anymore!! Whatever sensitivities your lusty liaison IS giving rise to, they're YOUR responsibility to yank their heads (all the way through!) out of the gutter, to surface! Most of our horny hook ups are just messengers for awareness's that ARE much older than this moment of NOW anyway! By drawing in more than one Romeo or Juliet into your life, AND/OR, into your partner's life, you CAN learn that your love IS inexhaustible. The more you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the more love, love, love YOU have to lavish upon! Relished rapture DOESN'T come from being adored by your partner people, so get over it and get on with it! That flare of fire already IS who YOU are! Well, at least you better damn well be! You're blazing in it lovelies! All YOU have to do is open up the F****** lid and let the air in, TO IGNITE IT! When your partner is FREE to love others; I'd be willin to bet all my stashed squirrel nuts that you WILL feel his/her love coming back to YOU more freely, AND, more abundantly. That inferno WILL multiply if WE set it free you horny hummingbirds!!! Do it! Alright lovelies! It's time to weave in more LOVE, LOVE, LOVE into your sexy journey!!! oxooxxoxoxo

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