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Shalom you sexy, qualified for making ingenious turnovers in your life kinda lovaaaasss! Well, if you’re NOT a creator of anything at all, STAY PUT, because you CAN shift that today grasshoppers! The 21st century IS to creative thinkers, what the industrial revolution was to factory workers. This is a world where information IS superabundant, unique and visionary ideas are hot ticket advantages; not just for personal and professional leeway's, BUT, (you knew it was comin!) to heal and balance the F****** world! More and more people are finding enhanced ways to parent, make money, find friends, and generally live well by relying on creativity, no? I surely hope so! The demand for creative thinking is both a challenge and an opportunity. Why? Because It requires us to use more than the logical left brain (MALE) skills we learned in the school of BULLSHIT!!!! Right now more than ever, we ALL need to get back into our right minds! For most of Western history, the right (TENDERLOIN) side of the brain was short shafted by neurologists intentions for helping people think rationally. AND, it's only been in just recent years, that experts have begun to sing praises to the creative, holistic right (WOMANLY) hemisphere thinkers! Also, some tidbits of info here. Left hemisphere strokes make the scene by being more common than right hemisphere strokes. Hmmmmm! I'd bet my warehouse of squirrel nuts yet again, that we’re overusing our left hemispheres to the point of blowout! OR? I'd wager that ILL NESS, IS, trying to nudge us back to the mysteries and gifts of the right (FEMININE) brain! The intelligence of the right (GIRLY) brain IS a part of us ALL, AND, we're all using it more and more in every day life as we now enter a new sexy cycle; where at this point, right (LOVELY LUCY) brain skills are increasingly gaining esteem! BUT, we're STILL living in a culture that is left (TWO-FISTED, HUNTER/KILLER) side of the brain. Just take a look at our F***** up male dominant marble people! It CAN be a beautiful planet WHEN everyone learns to use the right (FEMININE/GATHERER NURTURING) realm which includes ALL THE FERTILE TRAITS like intuition, creativity, metaphor, poetry, empathy, dreams, art and synthesis. The (MANLY) left hemisphere of the brain compasses LARGELY BY RULE, as an I AM battle royal! Separate from all else BULLSHIT! BUT, the right (LADY BUG) hemisphere of the brain experiences REALITY as frequencies, energies and patterns. This IS a totality in which we're all connected people! Through three million F****** years of evolution, the two bisections developed to work in perfect balance, BUT STILL our culture has favoured left (CAVEMAN) brain skills and values. You MUST scrutinize yet again, our big ball of BULLSHIT! In cultures that VALUE strengths of the right brain; Feminine power is celebrated (as it should be). In a survey of 150 cultures today, anthropologist Peggy Reeves Sanday compared cultures structured around male dominance with those that embrace maternal virtues. What she found was? A luminous parallel between petticoat potential in society, AND, the Goddess REPAYMENT, found in these cultures with a FEMININE face and voice! Foundational beliefs that have been in place because of left (GRITTY) brain dominance and male monotheistic (believing that the creator is MALE) culture IS gonna be hard as nails for us to bulldoze and reassemble, BUT, if you've been powwowing my verses thus far, you do HAVE the tools to be winners with this mission! The foundational beliefs CAN become unclouded not by trying to look directly at them, BUT, instead, by focusing on their complement, which IS and always has been, THE GODDESS! The very unfamiliarity and somewhat awkwardness of the term, Goddess, indicates just how DEEPLY male monotheism is still operating from. Ultimately, to be on the other side is when we're the image and likeness of the Divine, as it expresses uniquely through us, and I mean BOTH OF US! It's the Goddess damn misinterpretation that brings disharmony and division right up to this very present day! We HAVE to take a look at our foundational beliefs we've been taught and CORRECT ourselves by coming back into balance and regain our inter-connectedness with each other AND nature! We're all starting to re-grasp and use this (NOT NEW) right hemisphere of our brains on a wider scale, and this IS the secret for a healthy, harmonious, and a horny humankind! This IS the age that HAS to be based on the integration of the sacred Feminine, as expressed through both women, AND, men! By restoring HER, profound implications for every sphere of leadership; within families, communities, businesses, health, education, governments, AND, the global economy WILL mushroom and go places! Even the (UNWCM) United Nations World Conference on Women AFFIRMS that the advancement for this Feminine rising IS central to every DAMN dimension of global development. A sustainable world CAN NOT be RE-built using the old, out of balance APELIKE thinking!!!! So, what the hell has all this shit have to do with Tantra? Come on lovelies; like daaaaa!!! Tantra is THE boulevard of life based on energy, FEMALE ENERGY!!!!! Be grateful you left (soft) handed people; you and I are one BIG STEP ahead on this sexy stroll because of it!!! Ok lovelies! Here's a link of exercises to help you make the shift easier. I'll have to add to the list of course! Practice Yoga Take regular baths and pedicures Work with children under 5 years of age Be domesticated Garden your plants inside and out Buy yourself fresh flowers weekly Surround yourself around natural beauty and elegance Make them your new habits or you're in deep shit by you know who!!!!! oxoxoxoxoxo

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