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The Power Of Feminine Surrendering

Hey sexy's!!!! I wanna start today's shipment of contentions by reminding you ALL and pointing out, that much of a woman’s inability today, to surrender SEXUALLY that is, to the masculine sexual energy, IS to do with this underlying power struggle that has plagued us because of our own equal rights that we've fought SOOOO hard for (and still are) like shield maidens since the beginning of time! When I say power struggle, what I mean IS, in terms of sexual ego battles. Many women don't wanna be too sexually vulnerable with their lovaaaaaa. Why? Because they're scared shitless to show that unguarded sitting duck attitude, by splashing around love all over their partner as often as they should. More times than not, they fear that their sexy stud may then have more power, and pull the strings by reversing the situation in the sexy sak of all time! Don't be afraid sisters! Trust me; I'VE SURRENDERED and it has re-aligned me back to my feminine in this over masculine world of ours! IT'S SELF DEFENCE LADIES; THE FEMININE ARMOUR IS OUR WEAPON!!!!!! This is where the idea of surrendering to a man CAN be mistaken to mean the male dude has the power, OR that the guy has authority of the woman, OR the idea that chico has suppressed the woman, and WEAKENED her all together. This is BULLSHIT and I'll tell ya why! In a (key word again) LOVE, LOVE, LOVING relationship, there's no F****** thing called power, or control! Both partners are equal, BUT, (yes) divergent! One of the most beautiful things about a sexual relationship IS that the feminine energy WILL feed a masculine man’s heart; THIS IS WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH HERE PEOPLE! Yes, yes, yes my lovelies! AND, the masculine energy WILL totally light up the divine feminine sexual energy. This is also paramount, REMEMBER!? The feminine sexual energy is NEVER truly free UNLESS and UNTIL the masculine energy shows up FOR REAL, and is ready and wiling to preserve and serve the divine feminine! BUT, of course; both pizzazz's need to fuel each other. I won’t deny that, that's for sure; BUT, it's hard for women to be truly feminine in today’s society, because there are lots of terribly egocentric human beings around, and once they see vulnerability; they'll TRY and tread all over it. Especially women believe it or not. IN FACT, women are the worst to other women. F****** bitches I'm tellin ya!! Listen, if you look carefully, it's the modern butch bitch type woman who senses that the tigress is caught by the tail, when the so called sister sees a more feminine woman and TRIES to do the squash stomp on her to the ground! BUT, given the uncooked, male masculine energy, NO feminine woman has to be afraid. if a women is ABLE (and there are some you can't let me tell ya) to attract THE masculine man into her life, it's because she's clued in enough to know that he's the preservation for her femininity. AND, she gets the bigger picture; awakening to the FACT that the mademoiselle requires this nutrient for a proper, healthy sexual equilibrium! Look, it's like this. Women HAVE to be 100% in their feminine energy during sex, AND, to be fully open to SURRENDER and let the masculine energy in! Femininity IS beautiful, and ANY masculine man (who has a brain cell or 2 knows what's best for him) WILL live AND die for it! Well, at least he better; or he still livin like a F****** cave man! The more feminine you are ladies, the more masculinity you will trigger in THE man so you can absorb him for strength! IF you wanna experience powerful sexual passion, and aliveness, let go of liberty in the bedroom, AND, your need to conquer and control!!! You do enough of that outside the holy sexy shrine, do you not??? SHARING: I'd like to share something with you all in my final blurbs of words today. I don't know if you read the Toronto Sun, BUT, FOR DECADES, they've displayed "The Sunshine Girl" in their various poses of innocent, sometimes bimbo attire and attitudes, which at times exploits the feminine nature of womanhood; portraying that women are only for show and ga ga land! SO, I wrote into The Sun and said, "Why is it that The Sunshine Girl is always young, and there never seems to be women 40 or even 50 and older depicting their seasoned beauty with written captions under their picture stated their evolved intelligence, independent sovereignty and non traditional careers while maintaining her elegance and youth; throwing away all the playgirl mentalities? So I uploaded one of my classy pictures and sent it off. Guy gets back to me, says he'd love to have me in as a Sunshine Girl. I said with one stipulation; it reads "The Sunshine Goddess". lol! Just did my shoot with them on Wednesday. It was an awesome 2 hour time well spent to once again, DELIVER A MESSAGE! Pictures will be on there way in my website. I believe every damn woman large or small, young and old should have the opportunity to shine in The Sun!!! Alright! I've said it like I always do; with my fibrous feminine fury! oxoxoxoxo

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