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Un-Mapped Terrain

Hey you adventuresome SEX travellers (British spelling cause I was taught in this Canadian English system!!!). Wanna make the trip to orgasm even more entertaining? When you're scouting out your enlivening libido, you have to first make a map. Then?? Get a GPS! As a sacred sexuality healer/educator, I'm always honing my skills and bringing in some acquaintances during sessions to help seekers make more meaning out of their orgasms! Just lately I've started to draw out cycles for seekers orgasmic energy, as a line chart; making sexual pleasure look more like a Goddess damn financial report than an erotic experience! Even though arousal and sensations are clearly by no means a linear path; the chart WILL be useful to raise a debate for the patterns of your burning flame! Stereotyped wisdom says that women need an enduring warm up stage, an unruffled and progressive skyward ascension towards la la lust and their sexual birth! Once they're there; you sexy studs might as well drop anchor; because women CAN have several orgasms at this point; leaving the top of their plotted draft looking like a F****** mountain range! And then? Well, it's the descent towards that nice afterglow of course! BUT (you knew it was comin), with men? It's habitually believed that there's an un-blunted uphill mount turned on by just about any bloody thing! One dramatic climactic peak and then a tapering fall, sloping downward towards a soft lingam and yepper peppers, FALLING ASLEEP!!!!! So, if your sexy revival and orgasm are indeed a terrain of spikes and notches, AND, if you're doubtlessly equipped to graph your actual libido, what would that sketch look like for you? Would it be the same, time after time, or dramatically different with each sexy stint? I wanna propose a two tooled system for hunting out your own unique profile of pleasure. First, make a map. How do you draw this map??? Easy peazy! Just doodle an outline of a naked body representing your own. Add some hair, fingers, a set of girls, lovely Yoni and Lingam hangin around. Don't forget to account for the butt, AND, all the other areas that a body has. Make it big enough so you can sketch in lines that will dip and spike as you explore sensate focused touch. Let me tell ya, getting to know a familiar path for activating ya ya land and the big summit for yourself and your partner is a pretty sexy idea. Why? Because it gives you the upper hand to know what turns you and your lovaaaaa on and on and on people! It keeps you posted for what kind of touch stimulates you and yours. Gives you the know how to reach that crowning point of no return most reliably, AND, what kind of flushy blush you'd like to capitalize on! Once you have it, you can show your graphic landscape to your horny honey and give them the confidence to inflame your pistons and make the grade!!!!! Look lovelies! Sexual kindling IS all about the provocative journey; an adventure, NOT a bloody trip to the Goddess damn grocery store! Once you know your sure thing of yummyyyy, AND, have your design in your pocket, go off the beaten trail will ya! Explore!!!! BUT, bring your GPS! With that GPS, you always know where you are and how to get where you wanna go. This allows highway and byway prospecting, THEN, spontaneous scenic routes all of a sudden come into view! So, how the hell do I get a GPS for this you're asking? For SEXXXX, your GPS is your AWARENESS and ATTENTION grasshoppers! By choosing to PAY ATTENTION to your thrill in the moment; mapping it into a new province, you WILL play with new sensations, AND, still know that you can find your way back to stir things up again, AND, at long last, ORGASM!!! Sooooo, with that spewed, you can break new ground learning some unseasoned tactile sensations, sexual techniques and sexy skills, WITHOUT the risk of giving up what already works for the both of you! If your lovaaaa tries something totally new; like scratching your inner thighs, brushing your hair or WHATEVER it is, you can try that new thing and simply PAY ATTENTION!!! Do you like it? Does it take you closer or further away from the big payoff? OR, into a completely other realm all together? Do you want it harder or lighter? What the hell gets you off? What do you NEVER urge to F****** try again? By leaving no sexy stone un-turned, IS, only fun when you are confident about how to get back home; to your trusted pleasures when you need to. With the ingredients of discernment and intentness, you can scout out the infinite variety of WOO HOO sensations available to you, AND, never get spiritless en route to orgasm again, and again, AND, yet again! Remember my grasshoppers!! That ground plan IS always there for you just in case you wanna clear and direct beeline BUT, for those days when you just HAVE TO travel and see the sites? Keep your eyes peeled and begin pioneering the un-mapped terrain of your own sexuality!!! See ya on the way!!!! oxoxoxoxo

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