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Erotic Dance of Life

Hola lovelies! Have you shown up to any aweeee inspiring sexy samba's lately? Well, today you have a date with MOI! EVERYDAY we need to just GET DOWN on the dance floor, AND, free stride ourselves through life's sexy journey, no? I'm takin the lead here today people, SOOOO just follow my tracks! We need to stay aroused during this whimsical waltz of ours, PAY ATTENTION to our musing minds in every moment. Take an ENTIRE peek at our individuality on the grand stage of this Divine comedy (which IS what it is). Haul your dance asses out into the rain grasshoppers! Be amazed when sounds come out of our teasing traps, and wait and see other Sisters and brothers breeze in to understand our language. Write a Goddess damn story of your life loveaasss, depicting exactly what you want IT TO BE! Live people, according to your purest, raw, primal nature. Dodge the bullets of ANY unsexy strut stage that makes you feel the least bit non-ecstatic, EVEN THOUGH lots of other Sisters and brothers seem to like it. Do as you damn well please, AS LONG as you DON'T misuse and sabotage with foul play. You MUST acquisition your passion, whether it’s the heroic quest to grow our own food and be sustainable, OR, a unyielding drive to teach and learn. Treasure your voices loveaaasss! Don't forget your musical instruments of choice, (which BTW we all can play) AND, find the bliss in your erotic bodies! We need to say to ourselves, that we could give a rats F****** ass for the opinions of the masses! This freedom needs to be intoxicating lovelies! After all, when we're all lying F****** dying, we'll wish we hadn't held back from doing something we loved just because of a judgment from someone else who's long F***ing forgotten, right? The only ones whose opinions matter, are the ones who UNDERSTAND us and whose values WE admire. Be kind, bolder than a peacock, AND, inexhaustibly limitless. Let 's all HONE our instincts so that we trust ourselves implicitly. AND? When we LOVE and trust ourselves? NO ONE, and I mean NO F****** BODY can throw us off our paths. In Dakini terms here? We simply become unfuckwithable! You can take all those new age workshops, BUT, (it was comin) DON'T take them too seriously. Sure, do the workshops not out of a need for anything to be different, OR, to fix our broken sorry ass selves, BUT (again) out of scientific curiosity, from a desire for new wisdom and skills and that's that! Ohhhhh how we critically examine what resonates, AND, what doesn't, right? Have fun, check out the cult, BUT, don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Yes, learn those universal truths indeed. You can even go on to become a teacher if you resonate deeply enough, BUT, por favor, if you do step into the role of a leader in this tango of life, do it in SERVICE rather than a desire for power! Let’s heal our wounds because desire for power comes out of a sense of lack. THE LACK OF SELF LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! We're all gonna stalk ourselves and identify the tendencies that hold us back from making beauty, AND, praising the Divine Erotic Feminine of course! If a spiritual practice or group ritual feels false or strange, simply excuse yourselves politely. In this erotic dance of life we MUST know ourselves, question ourselves; Q & A everything for that F***** matter, AND, in doing so, feel deeply and surely of what your infinitely wise higher selves knows. We're one with everything, REMEMBER? Put aside these silly dominance/submission games and claim our birthright to know what's truly right for you. Like I said, be kind to each other, BUT, take no BULLSHIT either! Let’s LOVE each other as much as possible shall we? Take that LOVE, LOVE, LOVE deep, listen to it within, and discover what the hell to do with it while we are here on this Friggin blue and green rolling ball damn it! Since we don’t have an intact culture with a coherent cosmology, we have to forge our own AUTHENTIC relationship with the Divine Feminine once again! Last dance ISSSS to make beautiful things with our hands and offer them up to nature (YES, HER). Make AUTHENTIC connections with other Sisters and brothers and stop putting on facades, ALRIGHT! Really big kicker here lovelies ISSSSS? Make LOVE with ALL our hearts, and then? LET IT GO! Be there for each other. Dance in this erotic life! Howl songs with this erotic heart beat! Dare to feel the grief and anger in this erotic dash of dances people! Get back in touch with the erotic body and its feelings, and F****** trust them for Goddess sake! FORGIVE people easily please, BUT, be very discerning with your trust. You'll know when you're dancing the erotic dance of life my horny sprinkles of BETTER BE messengers! Please be well, wise and wonder struck!!!! oxooxoxo

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