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Female Energy Of Venus

Hey my lovelies! How are those Feminine vibrations goin for ya anyway? Need a jolt do ya, to quake up your life a little? Sisters, brothers out there; it might be a damn horny hobby project to invest in a telescope and reacquaint yourselves with our ancient Venus! SHE'S the second planet from the sun, AND, is named for, you know; that Roman Goddess of LOVE and beauty of course. This planet IS the ONLY apple in the orbit named after a FEMALE. As you must know; SHE was tagged this because SHE was the most beautiful Deity in the passionate pantheon of the sexy ass wild blue yonder; for SHE shone the brightest of the five luminous bodies known to ancient astronomers. Venus IS the hottest world in our entire solar system; just like Females of course! AND, although the head turning enchantress isn't the planet closest to the sun, HER dense atmosphere traps heat (just like a Woman; oh Dylan!) in a runaway version of the greenhouse effect that warms THE MAN! With the conditions on the charming ornament that could be described as INFERNAL; the ancient name for Venus, (Lucifer), seems to fit wouldn't ya think? The sexy energy of our stunner incandescent Doll face wanderer, takes 243 Earth days to rotate on HER lovely axis; sooooo, by far; SHE'S the slowest moving of any of our major worlds (Feminine rhythm people!), AND, because of HER sluggish spin? HER metal core can't generate a magnetic field that's similar to Earth. Our dream star twists and swivels on HER sensuous spindle, the opposite way that most planets waltz. What does all this shit mean grasshoppers? On Venus, the sun rises in the West and sets in the East; contrary to what happens on this confused masculine marble we physically live on! A Venusian year. That's the time it takes for HER sexy ass to show off HER curves around the sun. It's about 225 Earth days long. The power of this point ISSSSS loveassss; days on Venus would be longer than years. That eyeful beaut IS our SISTER planet lovelies! Our FEMININE other half. This IS all about FEMALE frequencies grasshoppers! Since the tempos of our ping pong ball of roots, rock and RAGE are primarily masculine; hence BIG PROBLEMS OCCURRING PRESENTLY, those of Venus are superior and more Feminine! As we all (better) know; in Greek mythology, Venus IS represented as Aphrodite. Aphrodite IS the Greek Goddess of Love, Grace and Beauty. With the exception of the Sun and the Moon, SHE'S the brightest ecstatic entity in the upper vault. When LOVE chases the Sun, SHE'S known in Latin as Vesperus, the evening star. BUT, when SHE guides (THE Female reigning position) the Sun, SHE'S known as Luciferus, the morning stellar. Additionally people? If we trace the position of the lovely V in the sensual celestial sky, a strange, BUT, (common sense to me anyway), pattern is formed in the symmetry of a star, AND, you can see this teasing template in most flowers, AND (HUGE INSIGHT HERE!), in the cross section strand of DNA! Like daaaaaa!!!!! Probably ancient astronomers observed our LOVE, LOVE, LOVELY leading Lady role throughout the years and traced this pattern found on flowers, making it a FEMININE reality fact, AND, the inspiration for LOVE, LOVE, LOVE damn it! Our adoring head turner Ms Venus, has a longgggg history of association with the Divine Feminine doesn't SHE now? The oldest written story of the Goddess (as far as I found) IS the myth of the Sumerian Inanna. She WAS the Queen of the Heavens, recorded on cuneiform tablets in approximately 2500 B.C.E. Shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario (along with many others) have tied in the story of the Sumerian Goddess; chanting and ranting about HER descent to the underworld, AND, her recoiling with HER astrological cycle. Every eight years, our garnished Goddess planet traces the shape of a five pointed star, OR TADA, pentagram in the sultry atmosphere. AND? Take a look at those ancient depictions of the Goddess. They recurrently incorporate the image of a pentagram now don't they? AND, that crazy ass STORY of Eve and Adam's eviction notice from the sexy Shangra La sanctuary, IS a key piece of anti Goddess propaganda, dead sure thing loveaaasss! Eve WAS, no ifs, ands, OR, my BUTS about it, a Venusian genius FOR SURE! Ancient Goddesses were commonly depicted with snakes, symbols of erotic power and spiritual knowledge. AND, that F****** apple people? It's one of Venus's sacred fruits undoubtedly! When you cut that sucker in half horizontally, what the hell do ya see? A F****** five pointed star, that's what ya see!!! Hold your heads high you horny honey's, AND, connect to HER energy for re-balancing our slinky soil!!! oxoxoxo

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