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The Sexuality Tent

Hey you horny Herons! Let's take a look at the more chirpy, carefree Sisters and brothers out there who spiritedly frolic around in pleasure as they damn well please! Gay and queer seem to be one, AND, the same for a lot of people. For some grasshoppers (even those in the LGBTQ, community), there ISN'T a distinction at all! Gay birds ARE also identified as queer, and vice versa. BUT, the opinions vary and everybody seems to carry a conclusion to their own memoirs now don't they? If any of you loveasss out there in the sexy breeze of life, ever wondered what divides the definitions between the two words, you’re about to F***** find out! Whether or not you're camping in the LGBTQ tent or not, you've likely heard the words gay and queer, right? That is, unless you've been living underneath a Goddess damn rock all your ripened life! BUT (habitually), is there a contrast between the two words? Some petitioners within both camp grounds have differing presumptions. Gay, IS traditionally when someone is attracted to a person of the same sex. BUT (again), that's not always the case here. Homosexuality MAY mean that, BUT (my 2 cents worth), many kindred sexy spirits associate the word gay strictly with men, while the lingo lesbian, IS, strictly used for women. By and large pulling the other hand out; they ALL correspond, AND, roost in the queer tent. It's like this people. Imagine it as a district with stipulations amongst all the provisions! As is the case with most situations, these convenient terminologies seem to yo-yo with shitty slants of views. Does someone have to be homosexual to roll out their sleeping bag in the queer tent? Well, that STILL remains to be seen. With such a VAST amount of gender and sexual identities surfacing right now; it's easier said than done, to put any one preference into any one category. There's this kind of fluidity in sexual being and sexual SAY SO that HAS been more openly embraced by today's mainstream society. Gay, lesbian, trans, bi, demi, etc. IS a wigwam full of loveaasss, simply known, as queer. BUT, someone who buttons down them self as any of those identities, doesn't necessarily need to pigeonhole their ASS as queer! In layman's terms here? If you're trying to explain to someone what being a fly ball means, you can make it easy for them. If they're straight (as in, they're heterosexual), they're not kooky. BUT, BUT, BITE MY BUT HERE, this DOES NOT mean that they can't isolate themselves singularly. That's kinda the whole point of the F****** word. It's non-discriminatory where there IS NOT hate! There's only the availability of queerness, AND, that's F***** that! If you mop around the web, you'll find minds framed with light to extreme on the subject of the so called kinky culture. So, when you're looking for definitions and explanations, when it's hardly black and F****** white, one should just assume that speculation will interfere, right? Since both words are derived from definitions alternative to their current, more popular meaning; it gives our friends even more marbles to create their own personal distinctions. This crazier than crazy English language defines that queer is strange, anyone who is gay is happy, but neither relates to the definitions in the current LGBTQ refinement. They've been altered, AND, for that reason are justified. Wow! I must be F****** both then! The fact of the matter IS? There are far too many of us sexy Sisters and bros on this ping pong ball of ours, to categorize us all into two Goddess damn departments of affairs, gay OR straight! It's unreasonable, AND, even a bit far fetched if you ask me, BUT you didn't, so too damn bad anyway! Inside the queer tent, some loveaassss don't even associate themselves with crock of BULLSHIT terms! If you've ever heard of someone who is gender nonconforming, they're people who don't follow the traditional specific rules; boys dress like boys, girls dress like girls crap. They may very well fit into the gay category, but they're not necessarily homosexual. So, if you personally find yourself in a pickle jar with categorizing yourself into various sexual identities, you don't EVER actually have to grasshoppers. It's all an open door policy. Come and go as you damn well please. Conform to something, conform to NOT conforming, OR, do what I do, AND, don't F****** conform whatsoever! The sexuality tent SHOULD be one Goddess damn Tipi for the sexual simmering tribe itself, protecting ANYONE who is ANYTHING at all, sexually that is!!! AND? If you're not sexually swarming; then stay away from yurt! I've been told before that my opinion has more balls than a Chinese ping pong tournament. BUT, simply put? We need to fit every active sexuality gender identity into one simple sexy phraseology; where your tongue doesn't get tide up around your teeth spewing letters out! Pitch THE Sexuality tent loveaaasss; it's camping time!! oxoxoxoxoox

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