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Orgasm Gap

Hi you horny honey's! Today I'm gonna drop notes about the REAL reason Women get off less often than men, AND, how WE ARE ALL gonna fix this F****** predicament! The canyon between Women's and men’s, AND, the frequency of orgasm IS impacted by social forces that give some sort of BULLSHIT privileges only to male pleasure. According to a large scale survey of North American adults, the worlds Queens have about one orgasm for every three a man gives thrill to. Simply labelled the orgasm gap, BUT (no shit!), I prefer to call it, a PREJUDICE RIPE OFF! This HAS been a bone of contention ever since US Feminists identified it during the heyday of the sexual revolution! There tends to be an explanation that the spasm separation suggests that Women's bodies are somehow lousy at orgasms. Our good ol' buddy Sigmund Freud infamously had a sneaky suspicion that our Girlfriends should have orgasms in response to the carnal knowledge. AND, If they didn’t? He crossed swords that there was something radically out of commission with their sexuality! While his THEORY has been entirely lampooned; as few as 25% of our sexy Sister's will routinely have their frenzy's from LA LA! Many Chica college students who don’t have THE ONE AND ONLY this way, speculating that there's something off target with their sexual response. Well, perhaps it doesn’t F****** matter anyway, we continue on regardless, because WE Ladies aren’t as interested in those peaks of pleasure, right? BULL'S PILE OF SHIT! They don’t need them like men do, hmm? IDIOT'S POINT OF VIEW! They’re a more giving sex, true? I'D AGREE TO THAT! Their pleasure is more extended and empathetic; because in any case, they’re really in it for the eye contact and the cuddling. Do I hold any merit here? Hell ya!!! Freud rubber stamps substantial mis-characterizations, AND, gender stereotypes, which are part of the logic conformity for the orgasm gap, BUT, (as you must know) there's zilch prevailing; when it comes to being natural about it! We know this already (or better know) because Feminine Flames who sleep with sensual She's, have slews of melted sugary saps than heterosexual Mademoiselles. AND, if you really wanna know; almost as many as men who sleep with the SUPREME HUMAN SPECIE! Our Sister's also have NO Goddess damn problem experiencing Yoni talk through sexy self pleasure either, AND, the same goes for Lovely Lucie's who frequently have LILY LOVE during the blissful buzz of hot wired convulsion attacks when they’re with a partner! Men are also NOT too much in a jiffy to grab the payoff than the pretty petticoat attractors; it takes our Lady Loves just the same amount of tickers to head to the luminous moon during reserved recesses as it takes you brothers out there! Soooo, Instead of being impelled by biology here grasshoppers! Women’s standard relationship with their sexy seizures, relative to men, IS, a function of collective clout! For one people, we often fork the sexual experience in line with gender norms. Men are sexual, they experience desire, AND, the higher sexually spirited ARE sexy, they inspire THE desire, no? Like daaaaa, damn right! Look loveassss! The focus on men’s inherent appetites and gut responses also draws attention to his "gettin off" achievement. And on that account; it seems to be about his overrated orgasm, BUT, not necessarily Hers! This then, becomes a critical part of what happens for a sexual rendezvous to victoriously make the grade of fulfillment, according to MOST men that is. This IS part of why the male flame is strongly correlated with his final blaze of victory. It's the ONLY act that almost EVERY man agrees counts as real sex; whereas activities that are more likely to harvest the horny handshake with the world's Duchesses, ARE expressed as arbitrary foreplay! Meanwhile, the F***** up idea that Women’s underlying intent in sex is to deliver a sexy body WILL focus Her attention on how She looks instead of how She F****** feels. This my friends, WILL lead to spectating; distracted about how She looks from her partner’s perspective, which shrinks down the chance that Ms Matriarch will ever have what She damn well deserves between Her sexy shams damn it! It WILL also spark the activation to avoidance of the big "O". Why? I'll tell ya F****** why! She'll worry that Her face, OR, HER body might do something unattractive. We Girlfriends DID NOT set this SHIT out to fly in this half witted world!!!! The orgasm gap STILL unbelievably survives! Why once again? Like as if I'm not gonna tell ya the 69 thousand dollar answer! It's because people; MOSTLY men ARE NOT biting their nails out of the fear of Goddess, that they're not pleasuring, OR, satisfying their WOMEN! They're basically socialized only to achieve THEIR BETTER HALF, not please them. Studies CLEARLY show, that as CARE for Women, AND, investments are made in THEIR pleasure increases, the orgasm gap just might decrease. I'd like to live to see that F****** happen! BUT, (as a rule) for this horrible hiatus to be abolished (just like slavery) the onus is NOT just on men to view the should be REIGNING HUMAN BEING as people rather than F******* objects, BUT, to be more invested in OURS ONLY, sweet satisfaction. It's also on us Female Kin to value ourselves, own our Goddess damn desires, AND, our BIRTHRIGHT for sexual pleasure, to what should be a horny hobby. AND? Demand the re-training from the male rivalry! Sister's, brothers, it's time to build the bridge over the rift!! oxoxoxoxo

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