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Indigo's - The Feminine Incarnates

My intuitive, sensing sages! Feeling that ongoing shift? It's just begun grasshoppers! This IS quite the roll we've been on for the past 100 years! I'm not gonna make no mistake about it, BUT (standard procedure), today’s children being born, ARE the Masters of a new species! They're not like us anymore, AND, they actually remember more from their subconscious realm when they come in through their incarnation. Who they are is NOT the question here. What to execute in this life, AND, knowing exactly just how to pull that off IS a no brainer to them, AND, for those of us Indigo adults either! They're a more purer vibration of love (Feminine Energy), which is unconditional, AND, indisputable.

These Indigo souls started trickling in and taking human form, ohhhh, about 100 years ago lovelies. A HUGE WAVE of the Royal Spiritual beings determinedly decided to incarnate in the 1970’s (unquestionably because of all the SEX, DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL that was goin on in the 60's), so many responsible grown ups today, carry that cosmic gene of conscious transformation. Their name comes from the colour of their auric field. Indigo's simply radiate a soothing violet energy and vibrate on a totally DIFFERENT FREQUENCY than non Indigo's do. Wow! So that's why the stares penetrate my auric field full force when I'm out and about in life!

Listen lovelies, in India alone, 3 out of 4 children being born are Female, (lol! That sure makes sense, especially in that culture). In their ignorant splendor, Indians are aborting these young preservers who were sent by Divine disbursement, AND, who are coming to save them, out of the old masculine beliefs and energy that a male child is better. Well now, as you must know; I have too much to comment on that BULLSHIT, so I'll leave it well enough alone. BUT, (in the end), these little liberators WILL save us people! Why? Because, it IS written, how long can man defy his maker (HER)?Sisters, brothers, take note if you will, of how many Females are being born around this Goddess Gaia of ours.

Grasp your attention also, on how it seems everyday now, exceedingly amounts of people are croakin more often. Like it or not (and some don't); there IS an about-face taking place. Out with the old inefficiency of F****** masculine energy (that wasn't working in the first place!) AND, in with the modest advancement! This age of Aquarius IS the end of a superbly outstanding cycle of 25,000 years. People from all walks of life ARE looking at the Cosmic Dust in awe. Why? I mentioned this before, because the HER creation IS ascending from 3rd dimensional consciousness to the 5th!It would seem that the promise of Yeshua (JESUS) has come through.

The Christ consciousness (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) IS returning via our children, AND, our mindset shift. It’s NOT a matter of which child is the Christ, they ARE ALL the Christ for Christ sake! HER Heaven on Earth is happening right F****** now loveaasss! The HEAVILY masculine luminous creation IS being brought back into balance by an in pouring of Feminine energy. Our children are pissed, AND, mad as hell, AND, they're bringing Divine LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with them to correct the BULLSHIT!Sister's, brothers, it's like this. He shares the gain that She makes, AND, She divvy's up the dividends that he whips out! That is? When he develops his FEMININE side or course. WHAT IS HIS PART? DAAAAA!! To open up people; to be more communicative, compassionate, empathetic, giving, nurturing, AND, the feeder for the Feminine! Always my perfect example, to show more of his emotions, to recognize he has Goddess damn feelings. AND, to learn to contribute HIS PAIN with the people close to him. Eventually? The masculine becomes more intuitive (Feminine trait), AND, that's where we MUST head.

Why now? The age of light on Gaia has phases within it. The first major phase is the Indigo age. This milestone WILL be one of immense, radical refinement. The old oppressive political, AND, corporate BULLSHIT systems will be gravitating downward. The truth WILL be (ALREADY IS) exposed. All of us WILL be assisted in moving out of the victim consciousness, AND, out of fear apprehensions. For us Indigo adults? We've been gifted with the ability to create change. To inspire that change, AND, to lead the way for needed rectification. We DO NOT need to be afraid of this power lovelies!

Sisters, brothers; don't question whether you're an Indigo or not. You blatantly just know you are, AND THAT'S THAT! Here are some really brief warning signs to be aware of, that seem to be occurring one right after another. They're happening just let you know that your ass is on the shift! They won't be necessarily transpiring in the order that I deliver either.

Physical symptoms like unusual changes in body temperature, aches or tingling sensations start taking place. Sensitivities of changes in perception are disclosed to you. Your hair or skin related issues start to reconstruct. The tone in your yak goes through some kinda metamorphosis; OR, your throat feels at odds. Psychological, emotional or psychic symptoms start to take root. You just KNOW or SENSE that something IS happening/changing. Just having feelings of contrasting thoughts surface for reasons you can't explain. Turn overs are happening in your diet, appetite and eating habits in general. AND, because of that; sudden cravings for or aversions to certain foods present themselves. You can't put you finger on why your weight has gained on you, OR, you could be shedding it. Embrace it people! It's all part of the process for resetting the proportions of the Feminine back to alignment. ooxoxoxox

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