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Morning Jet Fuel

Good Goddess glorious day people! How did you wake up this morning? Draggin your ass outa bed? Rolling over just to hit that F***in snooze button? Sisters, brothers; pidder padder, let's get atter! I wanna tell ya all, why rise 'n' shine sex WILL jet fuel you up to a better place than coffee; because getting up to get off just makes more sense, health wise of course! DO YOU KNOW what our cave tribe ancestors did every Goddesses damn first blush after waking up? They got it on people! Yepper peppers; because it was actually a possibility back then, that the manlike specie might be polished off while he was out stalking animals for cavern cuisine. Our primitive forerunners got the baby seed planting out of the way at the break of dawn! Soooo, with that sexy source of encouragement loveaaasss; you MUST intuitively feel certain that morning pushy IS in our primal nature, no? Hell ya you better!!! Not only will the benefits of the tides of early morning La La place a constant sexy ass smirk on your damn face for the rest of the day, BUT, (to no end) it's THE most INSTINCTIVE (which is what we're all aiming for, right?) way for US to kick start OUR day! Listen, most of us have to jump on the coattails of the black brew before we even can pass as a fully functioning human being in the morning, BUT, (no doubt) having wooooo whooo IS a healthier, AND, equally addictive bright eyed and bushy tailed habit, wouldn't ya say? AND, you get to stay in bed for it! Science has found that morning (not evening) sexual energy meshing IS good for your disposition, PLUS, your immune system. Additionally, it also makes you stronger and Girlfriends? Exquisitely beautiful! Expanding even further here, rooster crowing sex gives you the type of adrenaline high that not even a double shot of espresso can replicate. I'm F****** serious here your horny morning hummingbirds! I'm gonna give ya all a few reasons below, to skip the cup of Jane and Joe, AND instead, start your dawn til dusk with ignition fuel nourishment! With fore day foreplay, you'll NEVER EVER again wake up on the wrong side of the cozy cradle sheets! Wake up and getting it up guys, has got wayyyyyy more health benefits than coffee for you, AND, your Lady Loves. It boosts your immune system by increasing an antibody that helps fight off infections. AND, early morning orgasms (as apposed to evening screams) releases a chemical that raises the levels of estrogen for you Doll Faces, which makes HER sexy skin look healthier and HER horny hair lookin shinier for the whole damn day! Even though I'm not a fan of quickies, AND, encourage the lingering LOVE, LOVE, LOVE; morning short cuts move you onward and upward! It doesn't have to be a lazy Saturday or Sunday breakfast time for you to have the alternative jumbo cup of java. Listen, during rushed, hectic workdays, your daylight impact SHOULD be a heart pounding experience! Let me tell ya this lovelies! The spontaneous passion of it all WILL make you more alert than any shot of varnish remover that's for sure! Look, even just the sound of that stupid ass alarm that dispatches the birds off your bedroom window ledge, puts people in a bad mood, no? It's NOT the most refreshing and engaging way to start your daily course right? No shit Sherlock's! Let's face it people; for most of you, getting up to go to work F****** sucks, BUT, getting up to get off? That's the ultimate motivation. Am I right here; of course I am! Furthermore, morning ravished rapture boosts your brain power. The sexual energy generated in the wee hours before role call begins, makes you smarter, which BTW IS backed by sexy science. It encourages the growth of brain cells in the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. WELL, who the hell doesn't wanna be brainier grinding the daily stone, right? This IS also especially true for any Sisters and brothers having nookie with new liaison's, who's alertness IS boosted by that one and only labour of lust! Even our environment aids in all this. Ya, just because you've rouse and beamed to the occasion, doesn't mean that your rise and shine ammunition has to take place in the sac either. Get creative you juicy jewels! Consider jumping into the shower together for a steamy, intoxicating quencher. Added to all the emotional and physical benefits, it WILL help conserve water! Seriously! I rule in that all the drought zones on this F****** planet SHOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE, BUT DON'T make sunup shower sex a MANDATORY LAW as a way to fight dehydration, AND, depression! Alright grasshoppers! It's time to fill up your morning rocket fuel!!! oxooxoxox

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