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Feminine/Masculine Sexual Synchronicity

Hi you horny handful! GUYS! How's your LOVE, LOVE, LOVING measure up, AND, where's YOUR sexual standing point at this time? Today I wanna tell you brothers out there, that through PRACTICE, you WILL grow notch by node into the fullness of free consciousness, SERVING your Regent Ruler with the masculine force of LOVE, LOVE LOVE! When She's lost in Her mood or feeling abandoned, the HE in you MUST call Her back to present, with horny humour and playful passion, AND unseal Her heart with your pervading and uncompromising masculine LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Women as well MUST gain their footings trail by tread, into the fullness of the dancing energy of their flaming fervor; delivering to Her sexy stud, THE Feminine force of rapturous affection. BUT, (to no end) when he is trapped in his mind, AND, feeling burdened by life's BULLSHIT, She MUST imperatively enchant his heart and enliven his spirit with Her wicked potent remedial sexual energy and radiant tenderness! It's like this grasshoppers! There ARE three sexy scores for the Feminine/masculine sexual synchronicities. You Girlfriends with your hombres, Sheppard each other with your unique forms of Feminine and masculine vivacity. In a dependence relationship, that first juncture IS where our brothers give Masculine virility to his Queen, usually in the form of money/gifts, (better be) sweet, SEXY affection and security. The first standing degree for Women IS the giving of Feminine essence to Her manly specie, HABITUALLY in the form of (you know) SEX, admiration and nurturing care. Now, in a 50/50 relationship, the second phase male monument gives red blooded energy to his Lady lust, in the form of insight and self discipline. In the 2nd degree, a Woman gives Feminine energy to Her man in the form of sexy sixth sense and mending, with the practice of Intimate communion. Third development? A man gives Masculine energy to his Lovely in the form of fearless persistence in truth. With 3rd grade, Doll Faces give Feminine energy to Her man in the form of ever brilliant, heart opening of LOVE, LOVE, GODDESS LOVE DAMN IT! Stretching the budding process via the tiers of intimacy, for both Women and men, leaves them to eventually realize they (sorry to say) CAN NOT win. The Masculine never acquires absolute freedom and the Feminine never receives absolute LOVE for that matter. Tolerably, through their unique gifts, Women and men simply SERVE one another to grow beyond their ILLUSIONS of senseless security, narcissistic need, AND, selfish self identity. They SERVE to magnify one another’s ability to let go, stop seeking and breathe freely as LOVE and as freedom, in that present moment of sexual synchronicity. Finally, in the practice of affectionate horny harmony, we understand that there is NO need to win anything or F****** anyone either! Our solar plexus soften, AND, our heart chakra's become relaxed. We ripen, mature, AND, shed our armour. We unst

rive our feelings into living naked with the incandescent presents of the moment; which BTW, IS always being given. We ARE the mysterious force of free LOVE people; spontaneously arising as a Sovereign Female, AND, an imperial man. Feminine, AND, masculine loving is constantly recognizing itself, touching itself and dissolving in union with ITSELF; in this extremely short sexy drama, WE CALL LIFE! Onward and upward! Watch for my interview on CHCH TV with Sex with Rebecca. She reached out to me again to talk about the lifestyle of Tantra and all the sexy things to do with that way of life. I'll have the episode link soon! AND, the Ponderosa nature resort outside of Hamilton, Ontario asked me to speak at their facility for couples and group events. IT'LL BE DONE NUDE FOR SURE!!!! Come out and join in to see me in the raw with EDUCATION!!!! Alright then lovelies; you know how to do it!! oxooxxo

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