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! Arm Wrapping !

How's it goin lovelies? Have you had your big ol' bear squeeze yet today? Well, DID YOU KNOW that hugging IS becoming a common health movement lately? So, with that said; would it be natural to think that the act of hugging itself can't really be inherently linked to happiness or healthy well being; in the same way relationships are for example? It could just be a temporary behavioural phase in our culture, right? BUT (to no end), embracing IS in fact just an extended form of a fundamental human need, TOUCH people! The importance of human touch IS a topic that IS coming up short as far as an opened powwow is concerned! AND? It’s deeply disturbing, for me anyway, that a lot of our Sisters and brothers out there, DO NOT know the significance of snuggling for the development, AND, flourishing of a F****** human beings mind, body, AND, spirit, at any Goddess damn age; especially when the system of reckoning keeps flippin over! We all (better) know for example, that skin to skin contact between a Mother and Her new born, profits imperative physical and psychological gravy for that child, including? Lessening of tearful moments, upgraded siesta's, a sense of body possessorship, abbreviated ants in the pants, undisturbed blossoming of hormone germination, leading to flawless physical development, AND, elevated HEART felt COMPASSION for others as they grow the hell up! Look you horny hummingbirds! As we put mileage on our vehicle, the importance of arm wrapping SHOULD NOT diminish; BUT, (as usual) it does! Research has found that a DAILY tactility HAS an impact on all areas for an enthusiastic life. Students that have received a supportive pat from instructors are twice as likely to raise their shaker in class. A condoling stroke by a Doctor, leases out to patients an impression that their appointment lasted twice as long as it did. Teams that are more touchy execute their skills exceedingly, even at world class levels, than those who DO NOT make physical contact as often. Human touch (not groping) IS tied in with reducing emotional and body pain due to the desolation of downheartedness! Take a look at the first weeks and months of a brand new human life people; that little dumpling requires contact no? We all (at least damn well better) F****** know this! BUT, (consistently) even if they receive nutrition, they WILL die without the natural LOVE, LOVE, LOVE of other Sisters and brothers around them, SPECIFICALLY, physical touch. This IS why people bump heads, AND, cross swords with arguments saying that orphanages are NOT at all befitting or peachy for that matter, for little leg latchers under the age of 5. Why? I'll tell ya why! Mainly because cuddling, hugging, touching, and for animals; licking, scuffling and playing, are ALL connected to the proper release of specific hormones! Those hormones promote happiness and health, AND, without them? Degeneration of the body and the brain pussyfoots its crawling worm around. A hug, if you think about it, IS nothing more than a globalized, prolonged human touch. AND, that’s why it’s sooooooo imperative for a high spirited life. Research HAS also confirmed that the act of cradling someone in your wonder wings scales down blood pressure. Grasshoppers, there's more perks, AND, pokes here! Those who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to nestle more often are actually protected from that plasma compression which naturally occurs during ongoing seasons of OMG STRESS, annoying irritations, AND, the bullshit of the hissy fits of life! The reason it does this IS because enveloping a Sister or brother causes an instant shrinkage in the production of cortisol. Known as the OMG WHAT THE F*** hormone, it HAS conclusively been found, that it's released in correlation with psychological attacks of YIKES, along with an increase in the heaviness of our bodies vital fluid. Here's one study that's demonstrated with an obvious sexy smoking gun. 109 men and 74 women studied were split into two groups, a warm contact group and a non connection gathering. The roasting channeling clan watched a 10 minute video of couples holding their dukes together, THEN, a 20 second sexy squeeze. The non junctured crowd rested quietly for 10 minutes and 20 seconds. Then, following this time period, all contributors were asked to give a discourse on something they found irksome, OR, something that pissed them totally off. The outcome found that those in the cozy commerce cartel were physiologically immune from the pessimistic, sympathetic despairs. BUT, (as if you didn't feel it coming again) the rise in systolic pressure (that's the pressure in the arteries when the heart pumps) WAS more than twice as much in the non networking bunch than the toasty touchy tribe. Although this might seem like a small whoopee F***in dooooo, there's a 100% increase in the heart rate, for those who DID NOT have contact prior to the !!YIKES!! event which ARE statistically significant. To sum this all up loveassss? Both blood pressure and heart rate reactivity ARE diminished (by approximately half) in Women and men who cultivated a 10 minute period of affectionate touching and hugging. Sooooooo, what I MUST close off with today ISSSSS??? Like daaaaa, do you really need me to spiel the obvious here? Adding the Sacred Sexual Energy to the whole kit and caboodle WILL definitely prolong your sexy ass lives, period end of F****** story! Here's a little scientific eye opener for you all! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sexy ass squeezes! oxoxoxoxo

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