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Psychedelic Sex

Hey grasshoppers! Still stickin around declaring your rights as a sexy ass human; even during the ONGOING Sexual prohibition? You F***IN damn well better be! Are you ready to immerse yourself with THE scientific sexy sphinx of your Crown Chakra and beyond? I genuinely gravitate toward the promise land, don't you? Today, I wanna introduce you to an herb (yes, another one) that I had the prestigious standing to experiment with, AND, dissect just lately, which IS believe me, a rare treat people! The Blue Lotus, or nymphaea caerulea IS a condiment that aspires right up there to the crowning point of THE AGENDA, when it comes to intensifying sexual pleasure! It was customary (gotta LOVE those ancient traditions loveaass) by the Egyptians, Mayans, AND, Aztecs as a transformational essence DURING SEX! ALL three cultures attached weight to the quintessence of the Blue Lotus flower; which offered them a PASSAGEWAY to the universes Sexy Secret Wisdom's! This Royal Bud grew along the Nile river, AND, its' flowers are even revealed unmistakably on many hieroglyphs. It WAS said TO BE (and still IS) the nectar of the Divine. AND, I must confess; you're one lucky son of Bitch, whoever engages intimately with me the next time! The uplifting scent of this blossom IS unlike anything you’ve ever been exposed to; producing a hypnotic effect rather than a hallucinatory reflex; while providing an upgrade to your lazy ass libido! How does that sound for a seductive Bruja's brew? Known primarily as Blue Lotus (or Blue Egyptian Lotus) it WAS used (like daaaaaa) by the Ancient Egyptians. Its claim to fame IS said to be a watered down version of MDMA (which I've never tried, so I wouldn't have the foggiest) OR, ecstasy (which I do have, a F***IN pointer), AND, acts like a hypnotic sexy sedative; inducing a state of relaxed inhibitions, which the end enjoyer IS more articulate, complacent, AND, sexually kindled! This cobalt cluster contains an alkaloid in it called nuciferine; which IS soluble in alcohol, BUT, (as usual) not known to be psychoactive. Nuciferin is anti spasmodic, AND, contains aporphine. You’d need a good 5g, which is about 3 to 5 flowers, in order for these sexy shoots to be active. You can either ingest the blissful bloom, pull on it, make a tea out of it, OR, (my favourite) spawn up a sexy spirit, which of course IS what I did! However, THE most common method of expenditure ISSSSS? Steep them in alcohol for up to three weeks BECAUSE the alcohol aggrandizes the effects of the impelling bullet shells. YOU WANT THIS GRASSHOPPERS!!! Look lovelies, this sexy sapphire even has a Viagra effect, AND, evidently, one of the swarming alkaloids in this treasured floret IS an ingredient used to procreate that Lingam laughter pill! No F***IN wonder it harvests amusing, sensational side effects! BUT, (due time again) we're goin natural here people; we MUST FUCK the pharmaceutical companies! Sisters, brothers, listen up! It's a sacred flower that WAS used in ancient Egyptian sexual rituals to expand the horny hots, AND? I've been goin purple in the face by F***IN labouring my point relentlessly; to connect US to the spirit world my tribe! Egyptians prized this exclusive efflorescence, AND, believed that it WOULD unite soulmate spirits, AND, back to the moral of this saga; RECTIFY SEXUAL TORQUE! Today, it IS believed that the indigo vine has aphrodisiac properties when you ingest it in a tincture form. I recommend incorporating it into your LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making, OR, sex magic rituals for that matter. Soooo, you know what? Teehee again! I thought I’d trial run the Ancient Spanish fly component effects during one of my particular Sacred Sexual Energy sessions. Yepper peppers; I'm FAR from the fear of reluctance at this grade of gallant in my life! My Sexy Vixen Spunk steeped tea bags filled with the crushed dried petals that I purchased from my bird brother at Bathurst and Queen street here in Toronto. They were lovingly infiltrated through 2 glasses of my organic red wine for about an hour before communion was ordained. And then? My 24 karat client and I savoured on them. I gotta say; throughout the Ceremony I kept sippin away, THEN? Well, I knew I was in BIG F***IN trouble if I didn't discipline myself!!! My follower had occasional experiences with erectile dysfunction due to depression, AND, other past puzzlers; BUT, (arriving once again) my Divine distillation seemed to take care of that, IN A BIG WAY! Not only were things VERY functional, BUT, (to no end) they COULD HAVE been very serviceable for the whole Goddess damn sacrament! After 20 minutes, my disciple got unusually emotional, opening up feelings to me. I just gave him an audience at first, then? After 30 minutes; something was definitely happening. Yes, he was chilaxing, BUT, (get this) we started nibblin on the soaked flowers and enjoying IT (not the real IT) BUT, its instigation of IT! For how long? This was the peak people! He was talkin to me much more sexual now, UNUSUALLY RARE for this believer! My Gorgeous Clitoris started feeling keyed up; She was VERY engorged when I petted Her. Look Lady Loves, this IS great for your Yoni; no Goddess damn wonder Cleopatra looked so F***IN happy! Sisters, brothers; after 90 minutes, I was still rising to the occasion. AND, my seeker? Haaa! Just how good is this for couples? Way beyond 120 minutes with my slowwwww, deep, horny, adventurous parley, I felt like makin La La. He said it was eighty sixing his inhibitions. As for me? I zipped up my innervation and enforced my professional position; which BTW, WAS the hardest Goddess damn thing to do; especially with this particular sexy stud! Talkin about sex more than ever helped not only him, BUT, (as you must suspected) MOI as well, to be a much more patient, AND, ultimately REWARDING GUIDE for my apprentice. We planned to do IT (not the real IT of course) again, ohhh Goddess hell yaaa! We wondered what IT would be like as just a social instrument and NOT being in practicing commission. We definitely gave benediction, AND, subscribed to IT, to be THE great party pleazzzzzer; a real sexy social substance indeed, to induce the MUCH NEEDED LOVE, LOVE, LOVE out there on our Mothers be blessed body we take up residency on! My endorsement of support for this LOVELY December day? Get your Kosher mitts on this sexy shit, AND, enjoy its alluring appeal, witchlike mysticism, AND, compelling contribution for ethereal sexual perceptions! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your trip lovelies!!!! oxoxoxo

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