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Christ Mass Ass Ho

Hey lovelies! It's that all mighty naughty time of year again, where Santa gets to dump off his load all over our Gypsy's breasts, so to speak! So tell me, who's been misbehaving these past 12 moon spans? I surely HAVE NOT, sooooo allow me to get playfully down and dirty with the BIG GUY before the year CUMS to F***IN end!!! Enjoy my Christ Mass smut!

Licking his lips, AND, with a deep satisfying groan, Saint Nick finished off his last Ho. Mrs Claus would never take him that deep ever again, BUT, (to no end) now that She was gone to meet Her creator, he was free to experiment. Santa thought to himself, what a lucky F***IN bastard he truly had been, knowing where all the naughty Girls lived when the time came for research and development, BUT, (indeed) strangely, Ho after Ho after Ho just left him wanting more! He needed something; a commodity that a mere Woman would NOT satisfy.

He needed something the size of hooves. Kriss Kringle stroked his BIG red sack while glancing daringly out the window, where he noticed one of his reindeer standing alone in the snow, with the biggest bulging ruby schnauzer this old fat ass had ever seen. Nervously, he approached his leader of the herd and slapped him upside his hindquarters. Rudolph felt the appreciative shudder flowin through his body. "Oh, you liked that did ya?" Big boss man probed. The horny reindeer fielded the question. "Yes sir, please, pass that by me again if you don't mind."

Thinking to himself that it WAS time to play some reindeer games, Santa gently drew apart the hind legs of the beast and cored his throbbing member of the North pole into his ass as deep as he could. "Deeper! Deeper!" Rudolph cried in ecstasy. BUT, (as usual as usual can be) Sir candy cane couldn't get any more rooted, no matter how he tried. THEN? In a snap of brilliance, he broke the Antlers off his wild brute, because they were almost ready to shed anyway; breaking off the finger horns so he could plunge them both into his pending ants in the pants sky dancer. Rudolph cried out in pleasure, AND, tears of joy to world flowed down his eyes as his master submerged them to the innermost depths of his fresh buttocks. The cool air caressed his weeping retreat; allowing the training to be that much more tolerable.

Mr BIG BAG then moved in on the seasoned reindeer's face; Rudolph knew what was coming and lowered his nose. Good 'ol rosy cheeks mounted the snout of his prized pal, with a satisfying squelch that no bimbo Ho could ever compete with. It was the most beautiful and enticing thing Rudolph had ever smelt, AND, Sir red suit squirmed himself to a deep seated position, shoving as much of his hairy friends muzzle as possible up into his fat butt as he could. The red nose warrior balanced himself on his hind legs with the antlers stickin out of his arse, this gave him a further spark of pleasure and made him drive even harder up Santa's ass Ho.

Santa began masturbating furiously as the pain made his eyes water and he screamed Deck the halls as loud as he could! Surely the elves would hear, BUT, (as you must know) he didn't give a shit, it felt too F***IN good. He felt himself about to orgasm so he turned on the reindeer's' nose and drove his throbbing shlong deep into the newly made holes where the antlers once stood. They were so tight it forced the old lard bastard to blast his load in one foul wave, flooding the beast's skull until his eyes were filled with the sweet jade juice. So much for only coming once a year he thought to himself!

If you made it thus far reading my sexy song and dance this week; I gotta thank you for lettin me get down an' raunchy grasshoppers, appreciate you following my scriptures all this year! I'm on the plane to paradise as we speak, until January 2nd; due to touch down with my Margarita about 5p.m this afternoon!!! I'll be building my sand castle tree with tea candles for lights on the beach for Christ Mass, eating vegetarian tomalies, AND, hosting my very 1st group of 14 people for New Years at MY oasis sanctuary retreat! So excited to cleanse my beautiful body from the toxic city of Toronto, with Costa Rican local organic fruit and fish from the sea, every Goddess damn day. I'll be 10 pounds lighter for sure from the detox lifestyle that I guide, teach, AND LIVE!!!! See you January 5th, 2018 for next years enlightening message!

Please be kind to each other!


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