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!!!! 2018's Bulletin - Year of Feminine Emotional Ascension !!!!

Sisters, brothers, Happy New Year! I'm hatching this next term by rewinding back to October 2017, when we began to see the next level of awakening taking place in the hearts (EMOTIONS!) and minds (perception) of ALL humanity. This activation IS directly linked to the HUGE INFLUX of the Divine Feminine energies being impelled within the consciousness of each and every Goddess damn living soul on this place WE call earth! WE are being prepared for the transference coming this 2018, AND, beyond! The foundations for us to receive the next wave of stirring vivication into the Divine Feminine WILL CONTINUE to build and strengthen throughout this year. When you start (if you haven't already) feeling intense invigorated horny hunches; they WILL exceed beyond what you speculated. One of the many endowments the Divine Feminine offers us ISSSS; that legacy of innate knowledge people. Instinctive intelligence works closely with the right hemisphere of the brain (remember?), offering to US, insights that bypass the BULLSHIT confines of logic and reason. It IS a natural inner knowing that transcends mental intellect, AND, connects US to THE wisdom of the HEART (EMOTIONS) my lovelies!!! Those preconceived assumptions ARE the voice of our Sexy Spirit; speaking to US constantly, whether the mind chooses to F***IN listen to it or not. It IS always guiding us in the direction to our highest path, AND, nudging us toward greater expansion, so that WE ALL can live that extravagant version of our Goddess damn lives, WITH, the highest dimension of reality! Last November, WE were given the opportunity to connect more DEEPLY with our sexy second sight. The only thing that WAS asked of us, was??? We MUST PAY ATTENTION to, AND, live in the present moment as much as F***IN possible! Sooooo, by welding our predispositions to our flesh and blood people? We empower our lives to flow with greater serenity. The more aligned we get with that higher tide grasshoppers, the more regulated we are to creating a life of fulfillment, jewels of joy, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, truce THEN peace, deserved prosperity, warranted freedom, AND, the justified comfort of well being. The illusion IS dissolving people! For eons, collective society HAS predominantly operated on survival driven patriarchal principles; which of course HAS come to us through (you know) those ASYLUMS that have promoted fear and separation! During this point and onward lovelies, the more nurturing, EMOTIONAL, and creative principles of the Divine Feminine, such as valuing an individual, honouring HER Earth, and seeking natural healing and personal growth, the higher WE ascend to the conclusive proportion. It IS imperative HERE AND NOW, to thank and honour ALL of the benevolent think tanks that promoted discomposure's, AND, dissolution, as challenging as that may be; because THEY played a pivotal part in re-birthing our sexy shake a leg process. THEY signed up to play the role of the challenger on OUR journey, so that WE could see the contrast between what WE wanted to create more of in our lives, AND, what we F***IN DON'T want anymore of! The moment WE are able to GRANT GRACIAS, AND, worship ALL of the (summons to contest) in our lives, no matter how rigidly backbreaking they seemed at the time, IS the moment we FREE ourselves from the BULLSHIT power they have held over us! The chaos, AND, seeming amplification of FEAR we have been seeing lately IS actually a clear confirmation that humanity as a whole has F***IN had enough, AND, we ARE ready for an unquestionable difference. So, if things are lookin a little scarier to you in the world loveasss, it's because there IS a desperation being felt right now by those trying to cause the cold sweat phobia's. The way I see it? Well, it's like this. The ego part of humankind IS trying to protect itself, AND, keep things as a carbon copy. The wake up and smell the F***IN roses process was called forth by our Sexy Ass Spirit longgggg before we even entered this paradigm. Sooooo, we can take comfort in knowing that there’s NO right, OR, wrong when it comes to how we move through our own renewal progression. Our perceptivity WILL always be the captain of our rudder, AND, guide us back to our true selves, whether we choose to take the longer scenic route, OR, an unambiguous beeliner! Sisters, brother, as WE ALL step into the artistry and dynamism of our creator self this year, we'll be navigating our way forward by exercising judgement, for only what feels to be in alignment for US, and releasing what the hell DOES NOT! We (as we better) understand that just because something does or does not resonate with US, doesn’t mean it's good or bad, OR, someone else’s decision is converse; it's not that at all. Love, Love, Lovely ones; don't tell me you can't feel this already! This IS F***IN freedom people! Reclaiming OUR power means we are COMMITTED to connecting with who WE ARE at our core. We're gonna be doin this through (biggy here) self Love, Love, Love, compassionate care, kindred kindness (not niceness, they're completely different), fertilizing nourishment, spiritual development, AND, creative expression. Remember people, THE most powerful living souls on this playground of OURS, are NOT the ones who pull our wires, OR, spit sour grapes at another either. THE uttermost in the sexy saddle loveaaasss on this gypsy jewel, ARE, the ones who know who the hell they truly are. They know that they're far greater than the sum of all of their experiences and stories. They know how to express themselves fully, AND, to speak up from a place of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, without having to F***IN prove anything to anyone! I've ushered myself into 2018 people, AND, wrote this article from Playa Pence (PENCE BEACH, for those who don't understand Spanish) in Costa Rica, where I found LOVE coming back to me after years of giving it out to the universe and everyone in it! THE Year of the Feminine Emotional Ascension! Let kindness be your guide. oxoxoxo

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