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The Resurrection of Gynocracy

Hey Loveaaaassss! Today I wanna take ya's all back to the day of a lesser Female alienation. Once upon THAT fine time grasshoppers, ALL cultures of this world WERE all part of the Gynocratic age. Well, imagine that my followers; a society without fathers, beyond marriage, OR, the BULLSHIT of divorce! Visualize it for a moment; an era in which nuclear families DO NOT exist. Grand Goddess sits at the head of Her granite bureau slab; Her sons and Daughters live with Her, right along with the Children of those Daughters, following the maternal bloodline. Men are no more than studs, sperm donors who inseminate Queen Bee's, BUT, (tee hee) have more often than not, LITTLE IF ANY, involvement in their Children’s upbringing. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION here my Love, Love, Lovelies! Paternity wayyyyyyy back in our genealogy, had NOT yet been identified, AND YES, it WAS thought that Women bore fruit like trees; that is when they were as ripe as a peach! Childbirth WAS, (and still IS) mysterious. It WAS vital, AND, it WAS desired with envy. Our Luminous Lineage WAS Worshiped, AND, considered Superior because of it. Men WERE on the periphery; an interchangeable body of workers for, AND, Worshipers of, The Female Center. THE PRINCIPLE OF LIFE ITSELF PEOPLE! The discovery of parentage, SEXUAL CAUSE, AND, Childbirth effect, WERE as cataclysmic for society as, let's say; the discovery of fire, OR, the shattering of the Goddess damn atom, FOR REAL! Gradually, the idea of male ownership of little nippers took hold (that might have been a mistake). Gynocracy also suffered from the periodic invasions of nomadic tribes. The conflict between the hunters and the Growers WAS really the combat between male dominated, AND, Female Monopolized cultures. Our Sister's gradually lost their full sexy swing of elbow room, perplexed enigma, AND, Superior Position! For five thousand years or more, the Gynocratic Age had Flowered in peace and productivity. Slowly, in varying stages, AND, in different parts of the world, the Sisterhood Social Order was PAINFULLY reversed. The Superior Specie became the underclass, marked solely by their visible differences. In a time before written records, society WAS centered around The Feminine Empress. Our Regency WAS revered for their symbolic life giving powers, honoured as Incarnations and Priestesses of The Great Goddess Creator Herself! They cultivated their Children to carry on their lineage, creating both art, technology, AND, made important decisions BASED ON what was MANDATORY for their communities! THEN? A tremendous transformation occurred; whether through a sudden cataclysm or a long, drawn out sexy sea change; society WAS thereafter dickheadly dictated by men (BOOOOOOO). This IS the culture, AND, the mindset that we NOW know today as pathetic patriarchy which we STILL live in currently. What the future holds is NOT even determined yet lovelies! Sure, indeed it depends most heavily on the actions that WE take NOW; particularly as WE (as a collective) become aware of the Feminine Shift takin place. BUT, (to keep the ball rolin) the pervasive hope IS that the future WILL bring a time of peaceful pacifism, ecological symmetry, AND, consistent harmony between the SEXES!! With The Superb Golden Girls; recovering from their past ascendancy, OR, at last, establishing a TRULY unbiased society under the Sponsorship of the Goddess; it IS STILL a brutal awakening for most! RIGHT NOW Loveaaasss; there IS a CRITICAL mass of educated WONDER WOMEN rolling toward every bastion of patriarchal thinking in our culture, including (HUGE one here) SEXUALITY, GOVERNMENT AND THE COURT SYSTEM!!!! The impact of this coming GARGANTUAN SEXY SEA SWELL will change how we F***IN live, muscle our servitude, AND, how we wear our Crowns FOREVER!!!! The Matriarchy IS being ordained people! A lot of wiener heads WON'T like the shift in values; BUT, (as a reminder) the majority of us forward thinkers reckon it’s about F***IN time! Sister's, brother's; it IS Coming! A world wide embodiment of Dignified Damsels IS hurdling toward us like a cultural tsunami, AND, most of us CAN'T seem to prepare for its progression. It’s barley visible because it’s been takin its sweet ass F***IN time! BUT, (as a treat) IT IS gonna be both possible and inevitable. SO FACE THE MUSIC AND REJOICE! Girlfriends WILL be Girlfriends, AND, they WILL be doing IT in places we haven’t even yet scrutinized, OR, imagined. Matriarchy IS THE FUTURE MIRACLE grasshoppers to save our Gypsy Grass Land. IT IS THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST!

As always, sendin ya's my genuine passions for the truth! Be KIND (not nice, they're 2 totally different intensions) to each other. oxoxoxoxo

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