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Sexual Empathy

Hey there you groovy grasshoppers! Today I wanna extend some sympathy to you all, AND, light the torch for a toasty warm, compassionate appreciation for SEX! Those Sister's and brother's who are sooooooo sensitive emotionally when it comes to sexual energy ARE called Sexual Empaths. AND, with them? Ha! There's NO SUCH THING as casual quickies, F***ED up fantasies, OR, raunchy pushy pushy, EVER! During La, La, Lovemaking, those energies mingling ARE considered to THEM, to be SACRAMENTAL, EVER GODDESS DAMN TIME! When you sexually connect with these Loveaaaassss, you MUST learn CHOP CHOP, to pick up both precarious and frolicking ravishment from them, AND, you'll often get intuitions about Her or his speculations and sensitivities. The fundamental nitty gritty here my tribe? Choose your sexual intentions with your Loveaaaaaa wisely, AND, hark your horny headphones, AND tune into their essential urgency's, libido desires, AND, zealous passions! Otherwise people? During the Sacred Union, your sweetie passionate pie WILL absorb your toxic schemes, BULLSHIT utopia, AND, unofficial rapport! These RARE gems are our HEALING CATALYSTS FOR THIS PLANET; so don't jerk their chain! So, just what is a Sexual Empath anyway? Well, it IS someone whose Empathic abilities intensify during an erotic encounter. SOOOOOO? She or he senses more GENUINE bliss than a normal (whatever normal is) person. Sexual Empaths ARE UNMISTAKABLY vastly sensitive during THE HONOURED AMALGAM (as well as flirting). They WILL pick up on a partner’s dark venomous poison IMMEDIATELY! Soooooo, for ALL Empaths (especially the Sexual type) to feel their best? It's VITAL to share physical intimacy with the RIGHT PERSON who CAN reciprocate LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and DIGNITY for themselves and others! UNFORTUNATELY, from what I've experience in my practice, IS, that some of my Sexual Empath seekers HAVE blundered when they’ve been without a Loveaaaaa for a long time. If a SO CALLED eminent volley ball player serves a spark to their Sexuality, they're soooooo eager as beavers to broadside a relationship, that they become oblivious to intuitive warning signs. Then what the hell happens? Well, they enlist in a Sexual relationship wayyyyyy too early on with a Sister or a brother who’s a SHIT ASS choice! They fall into despair, because it has taken soooooo much endurance to find someone who is even remotely inspired, that they’d better get involved despite the intuitive RED BULL flags! They open themselves to wrath by becoming overly affixed to UNAVAILABLE people who CAN NOT render their Love, Love, Love back! I had one Queen Bee Empath tell me, She hadn't been in a serious relationship for five damn dotage's, BUT, (as my usual) when this Girlfriend dated men who She was fast and furious in La, La, Love with, She turned into this devouring devotee crazed Woman! This Butterfly (as many do) DID NOT listen to the wolf cry, AND, was severely thwarted. Open your eye balls lovelies! Make sure YOUR potential candidate HAS a vacancy sign THAT'S TURNED ON will ya, AND IS accessible with that wheel chair of past handicaps!! Of course there IS a solution for the process of biding one's time for an accomplice to put in appearance. Join in one of my private Sacred Intimate Empathy Healing Sessions. My ancient sexy system combines sexuality, AND, the enmeshment of spirituality through the mediums of body centered exercises. Teachings for tuning into your mortal frame, tapping into NOT ONLY your Sexual, BUT, (predominately) Spiritual influence, AND, working through the old BULLSHIT, destructive relationship patterns, OR F***IN numbness that barricades you from Sensuality all together! ABSORBING my sessions like Feminine Fertilizer into your Sacred Soil WILL increase your Sexual energy, AND, keep it flowing to maximize your powers of attraction rather than allowing this vivacity to go dormant while you hang onto your hat! This WILL also address any chunks of shit that contributed to patterns of choosing nonexistent Loveaaaas, OR, having long seasons of aloneness. These enshrined intimate unions help WILLING grasshoppers to open up choked juice flow in order to attract a compatible comrade. Once you’ve found a partner who IS well matched with you, the basis for intimacy IS to combine your heart potency with Sexual energies. We (including myself) Empaths THRIVE on Moxie muscle. When SEX, SPIRIT, AND, SENTIMENT are in cahoots with the carnal knowledge, it IS sublimely nurturing to our physical vehicle. BUT, (to the end of time) there ARE sustaining provisions here my dears! Part of the sustension for heart unified Sexual Empathy IS? Learning to set (AND I MEAN ANY) border crossings, OR, boundaries (and do not tell me you don't have any either) with your horny hummingbird if something about your encounter feels off. Like????? Well, if your partner had a F***ED up day, AND, is pissed off; it's usually by and large NOT the best Goddess damn time to be Sexual since Empaths can absorb that irritability. You best be havin a brazen powwow about this as well! Your beloved needs to understand why the hell you’re NOT electing to be intimate, and that's that! Look Lovelies; it's all about educating, AND, exercising Empathy to your favourite compliment about your susceptibilities, UNLESS, everyone out there is a F***ING mind reader!!! In a relationship with an Empath, you WILL need to Love, Love, Lovingly throw the light onto your reactions, exhibiting the way they are soooooooo your partner can meet your F***IN needs! The Empath universe IS different than the non Empath one. Your generous compassion and prudent patience WILL make all the difference in your flaming fire pits!!

Alright my horny hummingbirds; get on the same wavelength will ya's! oxoxoxo

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