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!!! The Sexy Souvenir !!!

My Lovely ones! Tell me somethin; when was YOUR last inspired sexy souvenir of visionary ingeniousness? Can't recall you say? If that was your come back, it's UNACCEPTABLE in my sexy school for The Love Art's; go to the corner! Sister's, brother's; listen up! It's NO secret that creativity IS libidinous. People all over the world rank artistic creativity as THE MOST highly desirable quality in an adorn accomplice, AND, those horny hummingbirds who are innovative across a WIDE variety of fields, report being MORE sexual with their LOVEAAAAAA!! What moon landing is this game being played on? Well, specifically, disciplines such as visual arts, flirtatious acoustics, (my favourite) horny humour, sensual scribbles, AND metrical compositions! BUT, (TA DA!) are all forms of original ingenuity's equally attractive? Let's scrutinize this further shall we! According to one evolutionary psychologist; stimulating displays in humans ARE analogous to the peacock's tail! They serve the function of attracting mates grasshoppers, by serving as indicators for mental fitness; you know, those cognitive functioning personalities!!! SOOOOO, by lengthening the argument, this personality psychologist dude made a KEY distinction between applied technological panoramas of creativity that ARE seen in modern domains of scientific know how, the branch of wisdom, AND, engineering, COMPARED TO, ornamental esthetic pageants of cleverness seen in modern specialties of artistry, music, ALONG WITH, other philosophy's of beauty!! According to this guy, showy tinsel forms of imagination; which play on our evolved perceptual function, INCLUDING, evoking strong emotions in the perceiver; WERE shaped primarily by sexual selection pressures, ALSO, are therefore inclined to acquire a sexual sassiness that applied technological forms of creativity!!!! Wowzer! Corresponding slinky splendors ARE also more likely to be passed on to spawnlings that are just around the corner, hence, become part of the cultural record. What we HAVE to do first ISSSSSSS? Create a creative behaviour mating preferences checklist. One in which you rank numerous stimulating mannerisms according to how much you find each fixation sexually captivating in a potential playmate. THEN? Investigate the best intellective, charming charisma, AS WELL AS, original masterpiece predictors of the various items on the agenda. As a ballpark estimate, here ARE the top 10 sexiest creative social graces listed below; feel free sprinkle on some more! 1. Playing sports 2. Taking a date on a spontaneous road trip 3. Recording music 4. Making a clever remark 5. Writing music 6. Performing in a band 7. The taking of artistic photographs 8. Performing in comedy - (I knew I was gettin into to improve for a reason!) 9. Dressing in a unique style 10. Writing poetry AND, thereabouts, these are the top 10 least sexy creative deportment's. 1. Making ad campaigns 2. Interior decorating 3. Writing an original computer program 4. Making websites 5. Growing and gardening 6. Presenting scientific or mathematical papers 7. Exterior decorating 8. Applying math in an original way to solve a practical problem 9. The development of scientific experimental designs 10. Participating in drama production BUT, (as you must know) there ARE major league variations in the revelation for the election of a sacred intimate among our Sister's and brothers. What pray tell are they? Well, their crystal ball forecast IS based on personality alone my grasshoppers! Those Lovelies who tally up with the studious thirst for knowledge, thrill themselves with the luxury of cognitively complex reasoning, TOGETHER WITH, those who expressed more fertile conquests in the sciences? Ha! They tend to find applied technological forms of creativity astonishingly sexy in a lurking Loveaaaaaa! Contrary to all this? The BEST witchy way of an alternative for ornamental aesthetic forms of genius brains among BOTH Queen Bee's and males was? OPENNESS TO EXPERIENCE! Listen up here people! What's Interestingly enlightening ISSSSSSS? Among our brother's, they HAD higher levels of intellectual CURIOSITY, AND, were actually associated with LESS of a desire to elect DECORATED GORGEOUSNESS of exhibits for inventiveness in a budding buddy. To be honest with you all (which is what you'll always get from me); I"m NOT sure what the hell to really make out of that finding though! Look Loveaaasss! Even if we pull all these discoveries together, the results suggest that inspiring sexy spectacles that evoke perceptual, aesthetic, and emotional qualities in the perceiver ARE considered MOST sexually attractive by most humans. Assortative mating (like attracts likes) very much operates within the resourcefulness of the domain here. SOOOOOOO, for all those out there who get turned on by deviceful behaviors like writing an original computer program, OR, presenting scientific or mathematical papers at a conference, know this!!! You're NOT alone, AND, there WILL BE some techie guru who WILL obliviously find your own gifted savior-faire intoxicatingly seductive!

Bust yourselves open people! oooxoxoxox

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