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The Cancer Crime

How's IT goin you sexy ones! Today I want all of you out there to instigate more delinquency into your daily lives! Seriously grasshoppers! I'll get started by breaking my silence that the cure all's in the West ARE undergoing a millennial sea change. Millions of Sister's and brother's ARE discovering alternative energetic healing practices. And the conventional Doctors? Well, they wanna sweep away most of these New Age therapies as placebo effect, OR, unscientific. Oh brother Mother, come on here!! I believe the most EFFECTIVE method of restoring ANY chronic DIS EASE will NOT be smoke and mirror New Age remedy's, BUT, (for openers) an ancient customary way from THE EAST known today as Chi Kung therapy, which BTW, HOSTS diverse ingredients of principles. Qigong, which is the other spelling version; IS an antiquated art, AND, science literally meaning, skilled in (key word) MANAGING your Sexual Energy Flow! One of its greatest uses IS in bargaining with Cancer, which HAS provoked Westbound health check approaches, despite the billions of certified cucumbers in fact finding for the magic bullshit bullet! Our archaic ancestors HAVE found the wizardry ammunition Loveaaasss! Where? Like Daaaaaaa! Hidden in the flow of our life force within our gorgeous greenhouses people! Sexual Chi IS the energetic matrix of our riveting mind, AND, if you must know, of all existence for that matter. It's what links our better be ageless anatomy, eternal attention, dateless spirit, AND, the natural world into a unified whole. SOOOOOO, the trick IS? Once you learn how to engineer your Windy Fort, you WILL literally dissolve Cancerous cells, bag of bones blockages, AND? COMMIT THE ULTIMATE CRIME!!!! While Chi's preventive effectiveness HAS been WELL DOCUMENTED in China by scientists for a wide variety of chronic indispositions; the stories of recovery from THE BIG "C" are among the most frequent, AND, uttermost dramatic. According to Chi theorists, these are NOT miracles, they ARE fully understandable precise effects. Most DIS EASE IS caused by emotional trauma, AND? Lack of Sexual Energy Flow Lovelies! The type of emotion will usually determine where the criminal cells show their ugly faces. In the weakened energy areas of the body, tissue begins to form around STAGNANT CHI, AND THEN? The BIG BAD "C" virus decides to take up residency and grows itself into a F***IN community! SOOOO, giving allowance to the Eastward side of our Gypsy planets' medicine? EVERYBODY has canker corners in their backyards, BUT, (once and again) IF you understand that your Sexual Energy Body IS like a living enterprising water stream, only more dense than your despondency's, AND, rationalizations, you WILL want to MASTER how to maintain its stamina, right? ?????? Let's GO DOWN on another interesting (so called) atrocity shall we? According to Cancer treatment studies, (musings that I should have been participating in) eating Her out WILL cure the grisly germ! Thank Goddess Almighty!!! An academic lesson HAS shown that dining out at a Butterflies Yoni CAN, AND I BELIEVE WILL cure the corrupted C word, AND, also aid in heart DIS EASE prevention. DON'T you dare stop reading grasshoppers! You wanna learn more, AND, find out about other health benefits associated with this Sexy act RIGHT? Shit ya!! Snackin on Yoni's IS actually good for you brother's, AND, Sister's if you're inclined! The analyzing work (if you wanna call it that) vouches that feasting on the Cunt of your choice could possibly save your F***IN life! That is, when it comes to DIS EASES like misery's of the heart, AND, DNA scandals! Doing THE performance on US Doll Faces SHOULD be added to your list brother's, of neighbourly treatment options! Straight faced sobriety here people! According to a real debate conducted by the State University of New York, the Yoni IS a rosey cheeked morsel, AND, damn well super eminent for your cellular health! Now, this IS surprising because doing the duty on a Queen Bee IS obviously an unlikely treatment option, BUT, (alarmingly) the act itself HAS been arraigned of actually causing the maddening of malignancy. You remember when actor Michael Douglas claimed his throat tumor was from oral sex? Cancer preventing hormones like DHEA and Oxytocin FLOURISH during cunnilingus, AND? Well, consequently during the fearless feet of it all, BOTH, the beneficiary, AND, the trouper ARE actively battling carcinogenic toxins!!!! So, what the hell does all this mean? In the midst of your felony guys; you ARE putting off death, AND, wrestling against ALL cyst and malignancy. Pretty Damn cool shit if you ask me, BUT, you didn't, which IS USUALLY TOO DAMN BAD ANYWAY! Look Loveaaaasss, as long as this knowledge doesn't take you out of the mood, TAKE A HIT! Playin the strings of your Lady Loves Harp with your kisser also helps to cleanse Her urethra, SOOOOOO, in general? You dudes who get down to business ARE generating a healthier over all lifestyle (which IS what this IS all about) for NOT ONLY the Chica's on this blue and green existence, BUT, for our brother's to boot! Listen up people! I can't give it to ya's any straighter than this! When it comes to preventing life threatening illness? Commit the crimes, OR, go ahead; be as useful as a condom in a convent!!! Enjoy your weekend!


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