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Attitude NOT Anatomy

Top of the day to ya grasshoppers! Today's article begins with death. Yep, recently we saw the departure of our sexy chef, acclaimed author, AND, flaming food personality Anthony Bourdain, abruptly deciding to leave his building behind. This WAS a man famously known for his bombastic taste, flashy intelligence, AND sinful irreverence; that is, when it came to eatable foods, AND, boundless travel. Bourdain had PURE GRIT coursing through his veins, AND, the BEAUTIFUL BALLS to try to change the way we look at our planet. OK, well personally? I'm just remembering that weathered brother's legacy in connection with his genitalia, (Tee Hee). This might seem a tad uncouth, BUT, (for me) it works because that undaunted dude WAS NOT afraid to be crass, AND, humorous AT THE SAME TIME, (my kinda stud!) when the situation F***IN called for it! It’s not at all hard to see in my mind's eye his laughter, possibly in a Vietnamese pho shack; if someone told him he was gonna be held in retrospect for havin the air of a personage possessing GARGANTUAN reproductive organs, right? Bahahaaha!!!! Listen up here people!! It’s ALL about attitude, AND, personality (which he DEFINITELY consumed) than it is about your Goddess damn anatomy brother's! What I'm talkin about ISSSSS wayyyyyy more of an aura, OR, a vibe saturating your sexy sponge! Listen Lovelies! Sure, there ARE men with Big Dicks, BUT, (for keeps!) who DO NOT ooooooooze BDE (that's Big Dick Energy people!). Pay close attention!!! Seems to ME that men with average to puny ones who CAN have SOOOOOOO much BDE, hold onto a Goddess damn surprise (Ta Da!!). Which IS? That their wang doesn't touch their F****IN knees!! Hefty pecker power is NOT about brandishing large, flappin pudenda packages when someone insults you, OR, constantly provin to people that you're endowed with a BIG F***IN DICK!! This is DEFINITELY on the flip side here. It’s the SELF CONFIDENCE to know that a colossal inheritance ISN'T a measurement of one’s value. Ya sure, an enormous erect willy MIGHT stem from havin literally a WALLOPING WOODY, BUT, (to set things straight) it’s NOT dependent upon any sort of nuts or bolts at all! IN FACT? Perhaps the epitome of BDE IS the complete security of NOT needing other people’s benchmarks, wealth, what is takes mentally, allurement, OR, a BIG DAMN TOOL BOX to know one’s own worth! Any suspicion of try hard vibes massacre's BDE, as does the kind of COCKiness that conveys of any insecurity. THE true oversized monster haver IS respectful to those around them, BUT, (forevermore) with sexy swagger! Someone with strapping space between their thighs will NEVER text his Girlfriend an unsolicited peter pic, because it would simply never occur to them. BUT, (to put it bluntly) if we’re talkin about aspirational levels of impudence, AND, security when we talk about the pole amplitude, and how IT isn’t necessarily dick dependent; it raises the question of why this GENITAL JOURNEY for men IS enamored with making it all about the DDDDDDD!!! Needless to say, any hint of misogyny destroys massive muscle moxie. No one involved in the building of Gilead had any husky horny hardwoods whatsoever; they had the opposite, what you might call Tiny Hand Energy. BUT, (onward and upward) Themyscira, the Island of the Amazons in Wonder Woman, runs on thundering throbbing thong fulls! That's why the inverse, AND, the spawn of BDE is toxic masculinity. Poison machismo IS what the Good Men Project calls the cultural ideal of manliness, where strength IS everything while emotions ARE a weakness; where sex, AND, brutality ARE yardsticks by which men ARE measured; at the same time supposedly Feminine traits, that range from emotional vulnerability to simply not being hyper sexual, ARE the means by which your status as man WILL be taken away!!! It’s the belief that in order to be a REAL MAN you MUST be strong to the point of cruelty, AND, never feel anything, AND, it underlies violent, AND, damaging ideologies, like that of the incels that I wrote about previously!!!!! Toxic masculinity IS an unsuccessful attempt to mimic BDE, AND, then furious resentful when that mimicry becomes impossible. It IS the belief that you ARE owed the kind of easy confidence that comes with monumental manhood mightiness, AND THEN? Desire to destroy the world that has NOT granted it to you takes over! You guys where NOT born Chris Evans, so F***IN let it go!!! BUT, (to stir the pot) although BDE and toxic masculinity ARE opposites, they come from the same NOT SO GREAT source which IS the belief that men’s worth is in some mystical, Freudian way, linked to the size of their wish boners!!! Reducing men’s worth to their bodies is NOT harmful in the same way that it's harmful to do the equivalent to us Queen Bee's. One of the ways that the patriarchy systemically oppresses We Women IS by reducing them to their bodies, (we all know this). Joking about big dick energy doesn't reinforce systemic sexism either! What it DOES do IS? IT adds fuel to the fire system of masculinity that eventually leads to deadly dudism! BDE as a quality has ZILCH to do with actual dicks guys, AND, is valuable regardless of the actual genitalia of its possessor, BUT, (as you must know) our collective cultural impulse IS to link it rhetorically to prick size. The schlong part of BDE is just a metaphor, BUT, (til doomsday) that analogy is NOT value neutral by no means! On my other hand, as far as standing up for the gender binary goes? When we Sister's, AND, brother's make jokes about who has big dick energy it CAN be a pretty harmless, AND, entertaining pastime for sure. Here in these so called dark days of 2018, men NEED all of that they CAN get. I'm seriously spillin the beans here!!! And labels aside? BDE is all about celebrating a masculine coding energy that is CREATIVELY CONSTRUCTIVE rather than toxic, AND, CONSIDERATE FROM THE HEART rather than THE DICK HEADSTRONG!!!!

Your sexy frame of mind IS where IT'S at Lovelies; SHIFT IT!!!!! oxoxoxoxoxoxo

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