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Feminine Fur

Hello people! This IS your AUDACIOUS broadcaster for ALL things Effeminate here! So, let me start my third degree on ya's. Do you consider little Missy hair twirling a consistent whistle blower of Female interest towards their opposite sex? Sexuality language IS more than the sum of the individual Love, Love, Love parts dontcha know! AND? This goes for ALL body gibberish as much as any creative articulation we make known. Most Sister's and brother's SHOULD be fascinated by the concept of mortal parts expressions, AND, there ARE many questions with people wanting to know the meaning of whatever X might be. BUT, (to rouse your curiosity) think about someone askin you about your own body jargon, whatever that may be Loveaaaasss! Wheeling THE wig for many of us Doll Faces CAN be a sub conscious indicator of EROTIC enthusiasm towards an alluring male piece of meat! I would put ALL my orgasms up for ransom by sayin that MOST Girlfriend's are NOT even plugged in that they are even doing it, BUT, (as my rule) a lot of Sister's do (including me)! For some World Queen's, it's like they have a tic and they do IT to everyone! On my other hand? Sometimes it can be because some Lady Dew's like to be considered attractive to the masses. Those Lovely Lasses who just play with their Feminine Fluff all the time, ARE considered to have a compulsive disorder (YEP) it's called Trichotillomania. It's an issue (NOT A PROBLEM) that IS NOT sexy by no means; where Women pull their Goddess damn roots out, Judas Priest!!!! And yepper peppers, although for most Sweet Sassy's, it's all subconscious, BUT, (as my keyboard pounds away) there's a Lioness share of US Gorgeous Gal's who know EXACTLY (I'm part of this tribe) what they're doing! The problem IS as onlookers (you brother's)? Just noticing this one TRAIT, you can't really make any conclusions. Soooooooo? You NEED to speak the WHOLE language if you wanna understand US Female trail blazers at all!!! Pay close attention here grasshoppers! When THE Swirl occurs, do WE look into your eyes, OR, lurk elsewhere? Do WE bite our lips, OR, moisten them up for ya's! Do we lean closer, OR, teasingly pull back? What about our behaviour with others, like dudes, OR, Girlfriend kin? These ARE gonna to tell ya just as much as the pivot of the mane! When it comes down to it, flirting with the ringlets IS a mindset. What it's sayin to yourself IS? I'M MORE THAN CURIOUS! You can twirl your Lady Locks, BUT, (La, La, La) if you're NOT projecting warmth, OR, even feelin any belief in him at all, it doesn't F****IN count Ladies!!! Let's even toss this around a bit more shall we Girls! Hurlin your beaner thatch about IS perfected by Feminine Butterflies to SHOW OFF their luxurious lengths of luster to men; just like peacocks!! You can ALL nail it on the head Chica's, by flickin your sexy strands over your shoulder, OR, away from your Goddess glow. This one is my fav!!! Remove your Feminine Fur from a tie band. THEN? Twirl, OR, roll it up, AND, plant your crop on top of your stellar Einstein to reveal the neck! Other winking ruffled ends embraces the tactile members by preening it, wrapping those Feminine Fibers around your sexy scruff, OR, famously curling it around your horny hooks! Listen up Goddess grasshoppers! For hair play to be a SEXUAL cue, (which IS our mission from Goddess here) it HAS to be done in association with point of view union; absent of which might just be a form of soothing auto contact. Those Eagle balls turn a fairly RANDOM GESTURE like touching the tanglers into one that is DIRECTIONAL, meaning??? The Goddess gaze sends the message to your somebody of diversion. These types of, "please go ahead" are done by Daring Dutchess's out of their conscious awareness who are hopefully available, BUT, (not always) as a response to inner thoughts and desires, turned into motivators. Women will deny this last fact til the tap runs dry, BUT, (to lay it on the line) the results speak for themselves by increased male absorption. Playing victim by stating a male come on as unwanted, AND, annoying IS naïve at best; my scientific research says? Risque Ravens put out these nods so that men WILL see them during peek SEXUAL receptivity. Well, I SUPPOSE this MIGHT give US Dew Drops a case. For awhile? They MAY have subconscious sexual feelings, BUT, (coming to a close) they may not wish to act on them. Alrighty, now that you've read this (as a Woman), you're more aware of the underlying reasoning, AND, have NO MORE Goddess damn excuses!!!!! RIGHT? If you Wonder Women DON'T wanna be approached, SHOW THE COLD SHOULDER!!! Let me tell ya somethin, I've had icebergs on my shoulder cuffs for SPECIFIC men, given them NO LEADS or INCENTIVES. BUT, (final note) when I ran hot water over them? HAAAA!!! Get the results you want Ladies!!!

Enjoy your Labour Day weekend people! Can you believe it already; next thing you know it's gonna be Christ Mass!


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