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!!! Vitamin G & Sex !!!

Hey you frisky followers! Let me ask ya a personal question here. When was the last time you had SEX on the sensual sand, soft sexy grass, OR, in HER forest for that matter? Well, (Tee Hee) I can vouch, AND, I'm certainly NOT shy for doin ALL OF THE ABOVE!! For most Sister's and brother's, this unfortunately DOESN'T happen very F***IN often either! BUT, (to shed my light) some of us are NOW learning that there might be more of a reason for making this activity a priority WHENEVER THE OPPORTUNITY arises! A movement known as grounding or earthing IS sweeping the holistic health scene, AND, adding my ingredient (NOOKIE) to your outside activities; with your bare ass butts, bent knees, uncovered backs, rubbing elbows, horny head stands, WILL ALTER YOUR HEALTH DRAMATICALLY GRASSHOPPERS!!! What am I basically babblin about here? ALL of your body parts in their birthday suits directly connected with the surface of MOTHER Gaia, IS gonna be your new main enterprise of living in the warm months, AND, up and coming hot winter vacations!!! This MUST become a part of your earthing or grounding practice people! Look, the big craze right now of ditchin your shoes and diggin your toes into the damn dirt, sensual sand, OR, strollin across some pesticide free grass IS showing evidence that it's tremendously favourable for what ails you. It tremendously lowers free radical damage, also called oxidative stress, over rated beating your head against the wall, annoying inflammation, AND, the bullshit of unnecessary pain! Regularly connecting to HER earth’s inherent, potent energy IS now (powerful word here) JUSTIFYIED to be healing, AND, vital for ALL Sister's and brother's! What I'm sayin Loveaaaasss IS that this IS why re-connection with BOTH, our Gypsy's body Herself, AND, our SEXUAL ESSENCE, owns innate healing intelligence!! This my friends, IS the focus of VITAMIN G, AND SEX!!! The best part about SEX grounding? Well, it’s super easy peasy, completely free, AND, can be done anywhere, at any time. Shhhhhhhh, don't gimme any Goddess damn excuses either; because I'm sick and tired of that shit!!! It requires nothin more, than your bare skinned butts, AND, the WILLINGNESS to TRY something that WILL make your grand parents roll over in their graves!!!!!! Listen Lovelies! If you've NEVER had sex outdoors, I WILL without fail, INSTIGATE that you DO IT! This ritual might NOT be for everyone reading my article today, so why the hell are you opening your e-mail with my sexy scribbles???? Stay a prisoner of shame then; animals do IT all the time for Christ sake! From what I can tell about cave Women/men, they probably didn't give a shit anyway, right? AND, if it's good enough for animals and cave Loveaaaass, my logic IS that it MUST be pretty damn natural, dontcha think? Earthing SEXUALLY with a significant other in nature IS about as DAMN PRIMAL as you can get, no? AND, it's holistically naughty! Even though the weather is gonna get nippy real soon, it's actually the PERFECT time to be thinkin about SEX grounding. It'll give ya's all somethin ducky to look forward to in Spring, AND, plenty of time to plan earthing SEX friendly hideouts!!! There's really no one outdoorsy neck of the woods that's superior than another for this healthy engagement. BUT, (as you must know) my hottest choice ALWAYS naturally occurs in a body of water (the saltier the better!) Don't ask me why, well I guess you can, BUT, (to tell ya the truth) oceans and lakes ARE natural aphrodisiacs my horny bunch!! Suddenly you feel like Bo Derek even if you do have sand up your ass!! BUT, (like no tomorrow) it's just as bill cleaning to find yourself barefoot, AND SOME, behind a tree, OR, on a rock for that matter. Honestly? I don't give a rat's ass where you get your SACRED ............ ON, you'll INSTANTLY feel Moxied that's for sure; I GUARANTEE IT!!! I've even had SEX grounding in a pile of snow; I'm from the country, what can I say! I'm not kiddin either; it WAS invigorating unquestionably! BUT, (if you're new to doin IT outside) I'd suggest waiting for a warmer day. There's already a lot to contend with in HER great outdoors; SOOOO, you don't wanna add somethin like lost style torrential rain, OR, whiplash winds to the mix. It doesn't really need to be warm necessarily, BUT, be sure it's at least calm outside before you start your SEXUAL EARTHING expedition. Being that you're outside, it's likely you COULD be in a place that's accessible to other people. DON'T become a registered sex offender over this. PLEASE, DO find a spot that's off the beaten path, OR, at least get behind the F***IN bushes will ya's! When you're outside, chances ARE the ground is gonna be covered in whatever! The best way to avoid havin paraphernalia go up your butt hole, staining your clothes, OR, giving you a nasty rash IS to do IT standing up grounded with your bare feet of course! That way, you get to have ALL the benefits of HEALTH ALTERING SEX in nature. You gotta also know where you're gonna escape to if you're busted! You know, a getaway plan IS crucial. If you have a raincoat for your partners lingam, PLEASE, properly dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Definitely mandatory! Alright Lovelies! Get earthing with your SEX likes jewels! All throughout Herstory, our ancestors walked barefoot, AND, yes at times, did wear gear for their feet made of animal skins. BUT, (to bring this to an end) they F***ED IN THE FOREST! SOOOO, what happens to our bodies through direct contact, OR, through perspiration moistened animal skins used as footwear, AND, sleeping mats? The ground’s abundant free electrons ARE able to enter your temple, which IS electrically conductive. Through this mechanism, every part your sacred flesh WILL equilibrate with the electrical potential of HER Earth, stabilizing the electrical environment of ALL our orgasmic organs, tantalizing tissues, AND, cheerful cells!

Be kind to one another; it's the time now for LOVE, LOVE, LOVE in the great outdoors!!!


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