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Sinners, Saints, OR Shamans ???

What's up Lovelies? I gotta a TALLLLLLL legend to tell today people. What about? Well, if you must know; it's all about the previous rulers of ALL sanctions on this planet of course! To start things off Loveaaaassss? Once upon a SEXUAL time, WOMEN controlled HER heavenly body in that discipline. Daaaaaaa, ya think? They claimed their sovereignty without regimented bullshit, empowered their Female Sexual essence, AND? Embodied Love, Love, Love WITH the Healing Elixirs!!! My sunrise say so on this topic of the day? Why (key word here) SACRED Prostitutes should rule the Goddess Damn World!!! If you're unfamiliar with the archetype of THE SACRED Prostitute, I highly recommend that you read the actual book entitled "The Sacred Prostitute" first, to get acquainted with the LOST Feminine Art of The Sacred Sexual Priestess, AND, how SHE holds the VIRTUE to heal this F***IN planet! After being viciously shamed, demonized, AND, cast out of the collective consciousness? ALAS! The Sacred Sexual Priestess has been born again grasshoppers! Oh ya, SHE'S on the rise! Look, if you're a Woman wondering if you once walked this Goddess Path, read on will ya! Contrary to claims that THE Priestesses engaged in RITUAL Prostitution, it's more likely that they WERE in CONTROL of their choices of bed mates along with THE High Priestess engaging in the Ritual re-enactment of the Sacred Marriage between Dumuzi and Innana with a young stud of HER choice once a year on the Spring Equinox (my time of year!). The tales of Innana make it VERY clear that SHE was NOT shy in picking Love, Love, Loveaaaas, AND, promoting them to Kingship, AND, HER Priestesses, (from what I gathered) would 'ave just followed along by HER example. Sister's! It may be the KEY to healing your relationship with yourself, SEXUALITY, men, the legal tender, AND, your privy potentiality! I’ve taken absolutely EVERYTHING I’ve learned from my own path, AND, my Sacred work that I practice in the Akashic Records, AND? I've compiled a list of the top 10 signs that you little Butterflies, COULD/ARE a Reincarnated Sacred Sexual Priestess, AND what else? You better damn well RE-LEARN how to embody this LOST archetype of the Divine Feminine for rectifying, rebirthing, AND, personal empowerment in this shifting pendulum of our modern world today; that is, if you know what's good for ya! What Western society HAS viewed as EVIL in the form of a Woman, AND, what should be, the SEXY Serpent, WAS once viewed with the UTMOST VENERATION of the two bestowing wisdom's, AND, longevity on ALL those who partook of their essences. What the Priestesses wore, were robes of scarlet, the colour signifying the source of their INFLUENCE, AND? They were termed "Hor" (translated in Greek Hierodulai), beloved ones, having the SEXY SWAY on the Kings, AND, dignitaries in the lands they chose to settle in. They didn't enter into marriage for life, BUT, (nailing it on the head) rather, would have children with different Emperors, AND, other saddle straddlers securing alliances. Basically? Instinctively creating protection for their off spring. It WAS this ATTITUDE towards marriage that resulted in the meaning of "Hor" becoming what we now know today as "Whore", AND, the association of the colour scarlet being leagued with SEXUAL licentiousness. Moreover here? THE SEXY SINNER exemplified!!! You gotta read this other book called "The Scarlet Letter." The pages unveil the whole truth and nothin BUT the truth so help me Goddess!!! What you'll be enlightened towards in this edition ARE the symbols for the fountain of youth (the Priestesses wombs), the Grail (OR, mixing bowl), as well as the mixing of the red and white which WAS the blood, AND, semen of an Annunaki Priestess Ninkhursag, AND, HER husband Enki; used to create, AND, nourish life. This people, IS best expressed in the Templar Cross. Not only that, BUT, (to get my point across) Female practitioners of the Healing Medical Arts WERE also active in our ancient world. Worshiping of Isis, THE Great Goddess of Medicine, WAS universal among archaic Egyptians. Magnificent temples WERE built in HER honour, AS THEY SHOULD BE! Our Oracle Mystics of Isis WERE regarded as Physician Healers who obtained their Curing Capabilities from the Goddess. At Sais, which is a city at the mouth of the Nile, our Lineage Sister's WERE both students, AND, teachers at a Lady bug's school specializing in child bearing. Egyptian records also show that our late Girlfriends studied at the royal medical school at Heliopolis as early as 1500 BC. There's tons of illustrations of our past Clairvoyants performing surgery depicted commonly on tombs, AND, temples throughout Egypt; suggesting that our HERSTORIC Hummingbirds WERE widely accepted by the general population as specialist in the remedial professions! Listen up followers! Karma started for US Queen Bee's when Zeus FORCED The Priestesses of Delphi to have SEX when they DID NOT want to!! There MUST be a dusting off of centuries old Female written scriptures; which BTW, HAVE been ELIMINATED FROM THE F***IN BIBLE ON PURPOSE! WHY??? Are you kiddin me, get a grip! BECAUSE, those evidences point the spotlight in THE CORRECT F***IN DIRECTION of where the hell humanity IS suppose to be heading! Like our amorphous group of knitters‘ quiet contribution to Herstory, these FORGOTTEN WOMEN formed the SPINE of ALL restorative knowledge, AND, that includes SEXUAL HEALING!!! Whether WE as Women have been stamped as Sinners, Saints, Or Shamans; WE ARE THE KEEPERS, FOREVER in charge of ALL explorations for this Gypsy's ground in rehabilitation!!!

Okki Dokki grasshoppers! Think twice the next time you start labeling any Doll Faces words that just might steward US Queen ship!


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