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The Feminine Ley Lines

Hello Love, Love Lovely ones! How are all those Sacred of all things goin for ya's this week? Today I'm layin it on the line for you grasshoppers; just to make myself even clearer on the IMPORTANCE of HER FEMININE FACE! I'm talkin about HER GARDEN OF EDEN here people! SHE'S mapped out with a Gazillion series of FEMININE Ley Lines connecting ALL the Sacred locations on GAIA! These Sexy bands have been christened with different captions over the ages including dragon paths, AND, dream wrinkles. When you take a look at Hackney, London for instance, you WILL see that it's NO surprise then, that it HAS a complex grind of Feminine Ley Lines which connect these Sacred paths to places like (Ta Da!) Giza in Egypt. Why ARE they Feminine you ask? Read on Loveaaasss! Along these arteries ARE certain points that cross section, creating a Spiral Vortex of energy (ONE OF THE MANY FEMININE SYMBOLS, REMEMBER!) I'm NOT gonna argue whether, OR, not they're positive, OR, negative, BUT, (as you must know) I believe that they ARE neutral. It's all about what WE Sister's and brother's bring to the Goddess damn table that determines how this delicate energy is used. Sooooo, simple as F***IN Simon says; if you wanna create a negative current on HER body, which IS what the Masculine specie HAS done since the beginning of HER time; it makes perfect sense to me why our planet earth HAS absorbed negative energy at those Vortex points; thus my horny hummingbirds, HAS driven this hardiness further down HER precious lines!! SHE'S INFECTED WITH ANGRY TESTOSTERONE!!!!! I'm serious here people! Look, just the other day I was shopping for my special candle supplies for my Sanctuary, AND, as I was paying for my loot, I'm witnessing just what I mentioned above. These 2 immature F***IN men where crossing swords about who was in line to pay first. The one so called brother (with 2 young children) was screaming at this other dude about whatever. It escalated to the point where intervention needed to take place. Need you ask? Yepper, peppers, I briefly said what I had to say. If I can't step in when I see and hear BULLSHIT taking place by so called adults, then what F***IN good am I then? This WAS my debut! If you 2 grown men can't generate a Love, Love, Loving compassionate attitudes toward repairing your disagreement IN FRONT OF THESE 2 FUTURES ADULTS then shame on you both! How in the world are we AS ADULTS ever gonna heal the toxicity, gripes, complaints, AND, infuriating soreness on HER home by showing examples to kids like this? Well, dear dad responded by asking me if I was finished. Of course I said, I AM NOW! Honestly, there should be laws passed putting men through physiological tests to see if they are capable of rearing offspring properly, as soon as they can blow their F***IN stupid loads at the age of adolescence! There's this article in The New Scientist magazine which theorizes that species as diverse as pigeons, whales, bees and even bacteria CAN navigate using HER Gypsy's Garland magnetic field. BUT, ( like you didn't know it was coming) IF the tissue of HER terrain containing a substance called magnetite is TOXIC OR TAINTED it WILL F*** up their natural migratory instincts!!! Magnetite enables ALL living creatures (including us people) to sense magnetic changes, AND, has been found in human tissue linked to the ethmoid bone in the front of the skull. No wonder we're all F***ED up!!! These days our Beautiful Bee's nest IS awash with electro-magnetic vibration on many levels. We even carry round our own electro-magnetic F***ED up devices in the form of stupid, NOT smart phones! Let's now take a look at the Rainbow Serpent, which IS a great energy current traveling through our Mother Earth's body from Uluru, Australia, linking planetary increase sites, OR, HER Earth's Chakras, before meeting it self back in Uluru. The Australian Aborigines knew of this Sexy Serpent well. In their ancient Herstories, they tell of two Serpents; a FEMALE Snake Kuniya, AND, HER nephew Liru, who meet at Uluru. According to Robert Coon, (look him up) The Rainbow Serpent IS the FEMALE aspect of two BIG LEAGUE energy lines! Esotericism, astrology, ancient prophecies say that the Age of Aquarius, IS THE ERA OF WOMEN PEOPLE!!! The previous cycle IS F***IN over, AND, the old, messed up male methods of control over the lives of humanity HAVE exhausted themselves. The Sister's WILL take control over humanity, AND, bring it to light, AND, Love, Love, Love again! Energies of the Golden Age of Atlantis, the highest vibrations that were achieved in that world are NOW rising once again, returning, AND, accumulating with the energies of the NOW of our surface world, AND, of Earth’s Inner Realms that are also now making their way outwardly. Sooooo, as you have just read, TO THEM (and you know who they are) it makes sense to keep US asleep, AND, F***IN fighting one another because the more we do that the more we feed that negative energy which then passes along the current to the next generation in line! Just like we have our own energy centers, OR, Chakras which BTW, CAN be cleared, our Mother Earth also has HERS. We have veins that flow in and out of our heart ya? The Feminine Ley Lines ARE our Planets streams of spirit, which ARE lines of energy that coil around HER beautiful body in a similar fashion AS A STRAND OF DNA grasshoppers!! Below Lovelies, ARE the Sacred Ley Lines that each, AND, everyone of us MUST make Love, Love, Love on, to raise the vibrational current across our home to overhaul the evil deprivation!

The Earth's Root Chakra IS at Mount Shasta, California, USA; a fantastic starting point to work your way up on this Sacred journey. HER Sacral Chakra rests at Lake Titicaca, Peru-Boliva, South America where a sexy skinny dip with a Loveaaaa is HIGHLY recommended. HER Solar Plexus Chakra breaths in Uluru- Kata Tijuta, Northern Territory, Australia, where your Sacred Decisions WILL be set in stone. The beating of HER Heart Chakra grows at Stonehenge, England, to adsorb your partner's Life Force Prana TOGETHER. SHE expresses with HER Throat Chakra within ANY of The Great Pyramids of Jerusalem, Mt. Sinai, AND, Mt. Olives in The Middle East. The Third Eye Chakra IS the only one that moves around as IT pleases. This IS due to the the roaming of our Earth’s axis. That Third Eye Chakra maneuvers everywhere, ohhhh, about every 150 to 200 dotage's, OR, every aeon or so. These intervals are also lined up with astrological constellations. Pay attention my tribe! 2012 WAS the passage into the Age of Aquarius people, which means??? Our Lovely Land's Third Eye Chakra IS currently located in Western Europe near Stonehenge. What's left? Our Queen Bee's Crown Chakra REIGNS at Mt. Kailas in the Himalayan Mountains, Tibet. So, wake up you worldly people, it's NOW time to wise and shine to all this shit!

Please be kind to one another will ya's; our future Indigo's are relying on US TO DO SO!


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