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The Daughter of Goddess

Hey rabbit hole followers! I don't know about you guys, BUT, (as a FIRM believer) in ALL things Feminine; I gotta doozy for ya's today! A recent team of archaeologists discovered artifacts near the wall in Jerusalem's ancient City of David that NOT ONLY shows evidence that Jesus actually existed (as we ALL do know), BUT, (Ta Da!) that he WAS a SHE!!!! I bet ALL of my stashed water supply containers that the F****IN pope (he doesn't deserve a capital D) fell off his perch with that leaked divination!!! This people, ISSSS what I call a MARVELOUS discovery making it, NOT ONLY the earliest known evidence for our Ancient Healers voice, BUT, (to know end) this reveals that Jesus WAS actually our Sister???!!! Carbon dating puts the ancient merchandise found, at around 30 A.D. which makes this THE primal proverbial smoking gun for a historical Princess of Peace!!!! At the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, the leader of the heavenly hollow proclaimed, it was something they didn't plan on that's for sure! Lol, no shit Sherlock's!! The painting found shows Yesuah (Female version) with flowers in HER/his??? hair, wearing a pearl necklace, AND, a beaded anklet. And note this for Christ sake; wearing red lipstick! Also in the painting, you CAN see a vertical Ichthy's that had a special meaning in ancient religions. (I wrote my scriptures on that already). Let's take an impending swivel at THE Redeemer's counter cultural view of Women to demonstrate HER, or his tactics fully shall we? The place of our Glorious Girlfriend's in the first century Roman world, AND, in Judaism HAS been ohhh sooooo well documented, AND, set forth in several recent books. There ISSSS countless bullshit mentioning's about Women being regarded as second class citizens. Haaa, that's nothin F***IN new!!! BUT, (til the cows come home) our Savior's regard for Queen Bee's WAS much different from that of HER/his???? contemporaries. HER/his??? approach to the Gospel Goddess's WAS revolutionary for this era. BUT, (as you must know) was HER/his???? treatment for the Ladies of the Land out of character? Other chapters in the greatest book ever written shows that it WAS NOT! Pay close attention here grasshoppers! Our Authority on Faith has ALWAYS been portrayed wearing a flowing gown, AND, long hair, no? Dissect the F***IN Bible will ya's; it FORBIDS men to wear hippie style split ends!! Tons of sacred scribbles describe the Holy Healer with linen cascading about HER/his???? naked body. Then SHE/he???? on many occasions left the cozy cotton, AND, fled the scene naked! Look Love, Love, Loveaaaaa! It's not like i sit around with my finger up my sexy, BUT, (we MUST get to the bottom of this shit). This my friends, makes perfect F***IN sense, to me that is. If he was a man, then this would make him a homosexual, (YIKES!) AND, I don't think very many pew pushers would wanna go there, get it? Like ya! Disciples back in the day came in two Sexes. Brother's, AND SISTER'S!!! Christ, viewed EVERY Empress of the day, having an intrinsic value EQUAL to that of men. And, just like men, SHE/he??? understood that they have self awareness, personal freedom, a HUGE measure of self determination, AND, personal responsibility for their F***IN actions; which I CAN NOT say that men actually did in those times, OR, even now for that matter. I'm dead F****IN serious here grasshoppers; this IS were the staking of Women on the cross began!!!! SHE/he??? treated our Lovely Ancient Girlfriend's not chiefly as Females, BUT, (listen up!) as human beings as well! No, ya think? Ya man! Our Lineage Sister's WERE seen by the Yogic Missionary as genuine people, NOT simply as the OBJECTS of F***IN male desire! The foundation stone for The Daughter of Humankind's attitude toward The Butterflies of that era WAS HER/his??? vision of them as living individual identities. Our past Pagan Prophetess did NOT perceive them primarily in terms of their gender, calendar passing's, or connubial caliber. SHE/he??? seemed to have INTENTIONALLY expressed them in terms of their RELATIONSHIP TO THE HIGHER SPIRIT! There was no glossing over sin either, in the lives of the Women SHE/he??? met. They WERE held personally responsible for their own witchery crafts mind you. Their envious pride was NOT condoned, BUT, (fairly) confronted. All Doll Faces had the personal freedom, AND, a measure of self determination to deal with the issues of the so called goin against the grain sins, self reproach, AND, ultimately forgiveness. Some more shocking revelations? Well, in HER/his??? sunshine of the time, Jesus’ willingness to take in Sacred Sluts raised some pretty grey haired eye brows!!! I've read some of Luke's feather pen narratives, AND, at a dinner party that was held by Simon the Pharisee; a Lady of the night came to Simon’s house. She came up behind our Guardian of Deliverance who WAS reclined at the dinner table, AND, began to pour perfume on HER/his??? feet!! Of course, this WAS a stunning triumph no doubt! How dare such an allowance for this unseemly behaviour be permitted at a fancy feast for that matter! Haaaa, I say there IS no better F***IN opportunity than that! In the ensuing conversation, our Slumber Saint turned to The Virtuous Gal, AND, said? Your lusty crimes are forgiven; your faith has saved your sexy ass, AND I send you off to go in peace! Of course I'm paraphrasing here, BUT, (Tee Hee) the Pharisee watchin The Sacred Seducer consecrate our Feminine Christ saw only a fallen, intractable hussy; BUT, (alas!) our Sorceress only recognized a contrite Scamp whose vice WAS pardoned! Listen to this shit Lovelies! The early catholic mitre (that's the pope's hat) shows a Vagina shaped tam o'shanter with a depiction of THE SACRED VULVA OF CHRIST!!! Even the Clit ISSS displayed with a Red Ruby. Today however, the pope's mitre is a COVERED UP version (of course) to avoid the implications of sexual connotation, BUT, (faithfully) it STILL retains the Yoni shape. Interestingly enough here? There actually WAS a Woman Pope, John Anglicus (also called Pope Joan or La Papessa), who reigned in the 850s. Pope Joan WAS known for HER Gigantic Sacred Vagina (I'm SOOO jealous), which IS thought to resemble Christ's Vagina. Holy cow crap again!!!! Gettin back to the artifacts found; next to the painting provides further proof of The Queen of Queen's Female nature. A brass relief, depicting a Yoni figure ON our Messiah Maiden, as the central figure found in excellent condition. This IS as close to proof that Jesus WAS a Goddess as you can get. Alongside the brass relief was a presumptuous phallic shaped object. A considerable amount of prehistorians suggested that it WAS used as a kinda dildo, which WAS inserted into our Worshipers Portal of Wisdom during religious ceremonies. You gotta know that this produced a sudden lightening bolt among the faithful fools!!!! This F****IN goes on, AND, on people. The shit that I dug up on our Beloved DEFINITELY confirms to me that we've been played here, AND? Tears well up in my eyes when I find more, AND, more lies that we've been told!!! BUT, (as you must know) you had a clue, right??? Amen to our Sacred Sister of all time!!!

Come on people; be the skunk at the picnic, AND, question more!


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