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Dowsing Sexual Energy

Hello you Sexually uniformed community! Tell me, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get specific concrete answers to all your burning inquisitions about an intimate partners' SEX life before you ever have/had La La with them? What about understanding your own authentic Sexual purpose; when it comes to your Sexual identity that is? How F***IN awesome would it be if there WAS a piece of chocolate cake way to get that guidance you needed to navigate your life of Pushy; when the SO CALLED genuine answers from your arousing accomplice in the moment, just doesn't seem to be as scrupulous as they should! Well, actually there IS Lovelies! It’s called Sexual Dowsing. Do ya really wanna find the truth about HER/his faithfulness, OR, even to see how clean the Sexy slate is? Haaa, you damn well better! Have I raised some curious Georgettes, AND, George's here yet? Well then, read onward grasshoppers, to unlock your intuition in no time flat! Sister's, brother's, this IS ancient commonology; AND, that my friends, ISSSS what we're here to RELEARN in this modern ascension of practices! Use the tools our ancestors gained mastery over to access the truth to divination, by dowsing with pendulums. The ART of using a swingin jewel (and I don't mean the one between your legs either guys) IS something that ANYONE can learn, AND, become proficient at for that matter. BUT, (specifically) here? Using it over the Sacral (SEX) chakra WILL reveal secret information that maybe the receiver wouldn't even have known, because it goes that deep! Here's how it works, AND, what you NEED to get started on the path of Sexual Dowsing For Divinity! These Sexy little sinkers are symmetrical, weighted objects that dangle like a Christ Mass tree ornament from a single chain or cord. They're never made of a magnetic substance, BUT, (for truths) the stone for dowsing the Pelvic part of the body MUST be made outta Carnelian gems, AND, nothin else! Ya, they can also possibly be made from your favourite trinket, bead, metal ball, OR, even a key, BUT, (to be clear here) we're talkin Sex, Sexual energy, Sexuality, AND, all things F***In Sexy SOOOOOO pay attention!!! This anchor bob IS a very simple tool, AND, one that lets you know what the hell's goin on down there! Acting as a receiver, AND, transmitter of information, IT moves in different ways in response to questions. Sooooo, what specific queries will you ask? Givin the third degree while dowsing down under CAN be used in a melange of deviating avenues. In its most simplest form? Use it to disclose inquests about your soon to be Sexually intimate Loveaaaa, OR, aid for the ruling sentence of whether, OR, not having Sex with a particular person IS impervious; Sexually energetically, AND, spiritually that is. As the pendulum moves, you'll gain answers Lovelies, in response to those Sexy wringers. It's best suited to use yepper, OR, no way Jose mandatory "Q's". Some Sister's and brother's interpret the way a pendulum works as being like bringing together the rational, AND, intuitive sides of your left, AND, right sides of your brilliant beaner. So, when these two elements ARE brought together? Haaaa, you’re then able to make decisions using all the sources given to you intuitively, then download the wisdom to come to a verdict! Anyone CAN to this, BUT, (to keep swinin along here) THE main criteria ISSSSS that you MUST start with an open mind, AND, put any ambiguity to the curb! Alright followers, here we go! The string, chain, OR, cord for your blissful boulder MUST be held between your Tom's thumb, AND, your point the blame finger, in whatever paw feels the most serene. Your Carnelian should have a small metal loop, OR, ring at the top of the sequence which makes it easy peasy to hold on to. DON'T make the connector too long, especially when you’re first gettin the hang (pardon the pun) of it, because you're gonna have too much excess play. When you're ready, sit your Sexy ass down with your new found fortune teller held between your prize tactile members of one mitt shaker, THEN, run your other gripper down the length of the twine of your choice, bringing your grasper to rest with the bottom tip of the pendulum in your upturned palm. Your trusty trifle should now be completely still, AND, you can now move your fin away from the bottom of it. Watch, cause as you move it away, the pendulum WILL probably start movin. This IS exactly what you want to happen Lovelies! Let's define the directional swings shall we? Assign each directional vibration as a response by first asking the pendulum to show you what certain responses look like. Alright, just for an example, start off by askin, what does a no way Jose look like, AND, subsequently? What does a yepper pepper look like? Posing these questions to your pendulum will help define directional rhythms, which HAS to happen before advancing to more challenging interrogations like? Make them as Sexually indulgent as you want people? Here are response examples for ya's. A vertical swing manifests nope, horizontal swing signifies yep, AND, a circular movement symbolizes an impersonal middle of the road. Your SEX (sacral) chakra, which IS located just south of the navel frontier regulates, AND, monitors our Sexual reproductive organs; along with the energy emanated from them. AS LONG as you have an open, AND, balanced SEX chakra, your life WILL be stable, healthy, yep, AND, prosperous! If that chakra is padlocked, it WILL pull out the iron from the fire, AND, stifle your ingenious vision; we don't want that to happen, right? Not only this grasshoppers, BUT, (as my rule) you'll also feel stranded in the back woods, dazed or detached, AND, muddled from your emotions, AND, the Sister's and brother's around you. People with closed SEX chakras usually try to reimburse by being overly predominate, OR, even invective. BUT, (on the other hand), an overactive SEX chakra WILL lead to the doldrum disorders like bleak bummers, AND, the shambles of bipolarizm! Regular Sexual Dowsing healing's (before, AND, after SEX) WILL help you to fine tune, AND, clear the shit outta your psyche, physical temple, AND, your cosmic enthusiasm; bringin ya's ALL to your greatest undeveloped buddings of resourcefulness, instinctual hunches, self renditions, AND? Restore precise symmetry to your high spirits that WILL affect your ecstasy towards life, alliances, AND your Goddess damn inevitable's. Still havin challenges; GET YOUR SEXY ASS IN TO SEE ME; I'LL CLEAR YOUR SHIT!!

Okki dokki Love, Love, Loveaaaass!

Do the Dowse!


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