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!!! What A Prick !!!

Hello all you Sexually reinforced grasshoppers!!! After last weeks scroll of attention, I wanna really prick up your ears even further to a more acclaimed Eastern practice for robust Chi energy! Acupuncture, AND, our WISE Chinese herbs HAVE been used to add fuel to the Female Canal, AND, the male power hoses to promote optimal Sexual health for centuries!!! Yepper dear peppers, Chinese Emperors took their Sexual health QUITE SERIOUSLY (and so should you) by consulting with a team of natural healers when they struggled with any barricades in the chambers of infatuation! We all know (I'M HOPING) by now, that Oriental medicine, AND, Taoist practices ARE well known for improving our Lady Bugs, AND, men's Sexual worthiness; IN FACT? There's medical textbooks DEVOTED to the Goddess damn subject. Listen up Love, Love, Lovelies!!! Goin under the needle WILL like CHOP CHOP, increase FEMALE/male Erotic Hotter than Sexy Sizzle Urges, to restore Sexual Ravishing Rapture!! Western Sexual health HAS A LOT TO LEARN from the Einsteins of the East! We're NOT just a body seen as a series of mechanical, chemical, AND, electrical circuits, BUT, (as you must know) WE ARE holistic as UNDERSTOOD by the sweet and sour chicken balls. A healthy body, AND, a vibrant Sex life, ONLY emerges when ALL of our parts are in perfect sweet harmony. So, in Sexual acupuncture? The Sexy Spur's MAIN aim ISSSS to clear clogged energy pipes, OR, lopsidedness in our QI energy that connects our assorted organs; so that the life force (SEXUAL ENERGY) has assistance to flow like the Nile River people!! Sister's, brother's, how holistic is YOUR approach to your own Sexual hardiness, AND, well being anyway? Listen up out there, you men in particular might assume that issues like a danglin dick, impotence, OR, difficulty havin those orgasms, ARE, strictly related to Sexual function, OR, your Sex package in general, right? BUT (Ta Da!) there ISSSSS another, MORE integrated interpretation, popular in traditional Yin Yang remedies, known as? Heart Yin deficiency, kidney QI neglect, AND, other imbalances which according to the traditional Won Ton system of cures? Become busy bodies by gettin in the way; when it comes to your Sex life, AND, Sexual indulgence. Look people, Sexuality IS a complex enough intersection as it is, loaded with biological, psychological, Spiritual, AND, many other influencing avenues. Some wise Sister's (including me), and brother's ARE convinced that traditional Chop Suey potions (TCM) ARE better than Western antidotes when addressing these ramifications. In fact? Having A PRICK in your lifestyle IS the most common doctoring diet used in TCM to EXCEL our Delicate Dew Drops, AND, a man's Sexual health. Havin THE PRICK of a lifetime IS a lucid, AND, comparably preserved path for restoring QI in the body. This Ancient Eastern custom is NOT only for feeble F*** parts, BUT, (HAS proven) to be used on our Sister's, and brother's when their Sexual soundness is out of tune. So Love, Love, Loveaaaasss? Here's just a brief list of unfit Sexual issues that WILL be eliminated by lettin THE PRICK crack the whip! When it comes to Petered out passion, dehydrated Yoni's, fruitless offspring, midlife points of no Goddess damn returns, unanticipated garden hose busts, depressed tadpole groups, AND, their maneuverability to get the job done, barrenness sets of balls, AND, even the grand male shift of horny hormones; Sexual Acupuncture WILL set you straight again. Wow, WHAT A PRICK!!! Look grasshoppers! I've personally explored this, AND, it's an amazing craft for shrinking AND, balancing the Sexy ass hormones, which BTW, WILL, (that is IF you're already healthy) brunt your bummed out Genius balls, spur on your lusty leisure amusements, AND? Therefore, entice Sexual desire; OR, Sexual triumphs!!!

Here's my praised proposal Lovelies!!!

Be BETTER than well!


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