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The Male Feminine Orgasm

What's happenin grasshoppers! Today we're gettin the inside scoop on all those vain, AND, valueless outward masculine orgasms goin on out there. This my brotherly followers, IS the starting gate for your Sexual Superhero programme. I'm puttin you ALL on this path to avoid any unripened copulation crimes that you may have; which BTW WILL change HER, AND, your life forever! Look, the big brother "O's", AND, the male Feminine Orgasm ARE two TOTALLY DIFFERENT performances. What does this mean as a guy? Well, you CAN have a Sensual Body Spasm, BUT, (Ta Da!) NEVER DELIVER THE GOODS! Yep, you read me correctly. If you wanna access even more of your Feminine essence within your male embodiment; WHICH IS WHAT THIS LIFESTYLE PRACTICE IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE! Then? Stop externalizing your F***IN Sexual seeds brother's, AND, Orgasm like a Female will ya's, FROM THE INSIDE!!! For most, if not all Sister's and brother's, Sex IS a goal oriented activity, right? The main ambition for men being? ORGASM WITH AS MUCH OUTWARD FORCE AND FLUID AS POSSIBLE! Kicker here ISSSSS? Ultimately, that's gonna kill your F***IN vitality, AND, life force in the end dudes; leavin you all dried up and withered as the years roll on, with no energy to live at all! What kinda Orgasm should men properly generate? Take it indoors buddies, just like us Butterflies do! It's like this grasshoppers; if two people are in the Sacred Sak, OR, wherever the hell they may be havin Sex, AND, the male Orgasm supervenes? Well, all I can say IS that once that happens, finito, it's game over. Then he just goes onto the next adventure, which ISSSS? F***IN falls asleep, basically worn the hell out! It’s the outer male ejaculation that wipes you to exhaustion, NOT the Orgasm bro's. Of course, in the WISE Eastern part of our Gaia; they’ve been aware of this for THOUSANDS of calendar turns. The two episodes have been BRILLIANTLY SEPARATED, taking it to a scientific level, WHICH YOU ALL SHOULD BE DOIN BY NOW! Yeppers, you male peppers, your PC muscle exercises ARE the FIRST steps for obtaining a Sexy scholarship by HARNESSING Orgasms purely through muscle contraction, AND, relaxation. BUT, (here it comes!) that takes a lot of dedicated discipline on your part brother's, RIGHT?! There IS an easier peasier technique to create Energetic Orgasms from within, AND? NOT ejaculate your jade juice fellas! It all launches at the million dollar point. The MDP is on the perineum; which IS that little area between your balls, AND, your butt hole. Sooo, the BEST way to find that gem IS to stand with your drum sticks apart, AND, push on that point of no return towards your beaner brother's, FIRMLY! Then? You wanna move your feelers across from side to side until you detect what seems like an electrical cord. This my followers, IS that Sexy subway line that carries the Sensual seeds for germination. To find it guys, OR, even you Gals, if you wanna facilitate the TRAINING for you partner; you may have to move your finger painters backwards towards the ass entrance. Wear a damn glove if it bothers ya! If your best comrade is looking for the Sacred Spot; just make sure She, OR, he has short claws, YIKES, that's all I'm sayin! Alright now all you cavemen, LIE DOWN (like the dogs that you are) on your back, AND, start strokin that piece of meat that you call your own. Get a feel for that range behind your cohones, BUT, (don’t push too hard)! Remember to incorporate your breathing exercises; hmmmm, maybe those are other lesson segments you need to crack the books on (see me for those). As you're gettin closer to the big event that society has conditioned your mind into believing that you must attend? You’ll feel that duct get rigid, AND, the muscles around it will start to pulsate and contract. Carry on strokin yourselves Loveaaaaaas, AND, compress securely on that point like I told ya's, towards your prime think tank! Then take the BIGGEST breath of air in through your snout until you can't take in another molecule of oxygen. You WILL have a full blown Orgasm, BUT, (If this practice is done PROPERLY), you won’t let the crap outta the bag! Pay close attention you male species! Keep those ball glove grippers on what you might think is a nuisance notch until your contractions Peter out. I'm tellin ya, it's gonna be a VERY intense feeling, pretty much the same sensations as a Woman vibes on during those deep Cervical peaks of pleasure, AND, you wanna compare, DON'T YOU? Damn right you do; BUT, (La La) bear in mind? After that you’ll find that the head of your prize possession COULD be too sensitive to hug right away. BUT, (????) once that passes you CAN do the whole damn thing over, AND, over again. THIS IS YOUR MALE FEMININE ORGASM RITUAL GUYS! Rule of my Goddess green thumb? It’s a good idea to HAVE a rocket launch within 4 to 7 days (depending on your age) to prevent fluid building up in your prostate, AND, we CAN'T have that! As men get older they lose their life vitality through outward sperm spitting contests. Sooooo, what ISSSSS the threshold anyway? All you swains out there should start as early as you can with this new habitual formula, BUT, (news to you's?) men between 40 and 50 should only be lettin the hose fly ever 7 days, BUT, (masturbate daily) AND, hold off with the method of no madness!!!!! Between 50 and 60, the spread gets thinner; every 7 to 11 days, AND? Sounds really wicked, BUT, (Tee Hee) looking into your 60 to 70 years, you need to save your Sexy spirit for 14 days, OR LONGER! You can also use this CRAFTY SKILL during the Sacred Union; either one of you's can press down THE point to halt ALL emissions out of control! Speak to me about the advanced Sacred Union strokes! Those are only to be applied once you're a member of the master's club at internalizing your manhood. Those moves are what sends the Female Yoni into 360 degrees of possible Pussy passions. Once you beat the system so to speak for authority over your Sexual muscles? You WILL literally be able to CHOOSE WHEN YOU WANNA ORGASM, AND, really perform, AND, search out new Sexual prospects of pleasure longer! You ALL want this, I know you do!

In my practice for men in particular, it seems that STILL these days, even with all the Spiritual ammo out there that IS easily accessible, AND, clearly coherent in order to become a better man Sexually, AND, serve the world in the Tantric (Feminine) manner? Most, IF NOT ALL, are FIXATED on a singular goal; of F***IN gettin off! BUT, (as you must know) by doing so, they're missing out on the greatest Spiritual enlightening FEMININE experience A MAN CAN HAVE. Sure, it’s tempting to think that one can take the POROUS boundaries for the (Feminine) Tantric Orgasm a bit too far, why? Because they ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE intensified, AND, human greed takes over! Some advocates, including myself, make claims week after week that a Tantric Orgasm, OR, The Male Feminine Orgasm CAN last all Goddess damn day, AND, that some EXPERIENCED Sexy Souls of this lifestyle, live in an Orgasmic state permanently, I sure do!!! BUT, (naturally), men have been taught, AND, told lies about their Sexual essence. The untrained man could NEVER speak, walk, OR, even eat were he lived, in a state of being fully convulsive, with thunderous internal climaxes; WHICH IS WHY THEY MUST RECYCLE THE CHI TO REPLENISH AND BLOOM THEIR ENDURANCE! Out of the 10 years that I have been in private practice here in Toronto; I have only seen 1 seeker draw the chi inside his garden; I still work with this young man of 29! That's how RARE it is to see discipline with this art!

Okki dokki people; time to Feminize your bliss boys!

Be well!


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