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The Sexy Supplement

Hey, hey, hey you horny hummingbirds! You male followers out there ARE gonna Love, Love, Love me today! Why? Because you just should anyway (Tee Hee). I'm gonna give the thumbs up to daily blowjobs, ONLY, to enhance our Girlfriends health of course; SOOOOO, don't get stuck in your stupid ego's here guys; it's NOT all about you, get it! More often than not, Sister's and brother's have wisecracked that the swallowing of male tonic is good for your teeth, AND, health, BUT, (La, La) is it true? Nutritiously it is, BUT, (Ta Da!) it cums with a premium people! Before I move on with this salty delight, it's important to know that some Doll Faces are actually allergic to the Goddess Damn stuff. About 15% of our Sister's ARE actually immune sensitive to what they're F***IN made outta, SHIT! Soooooo, the next time you're thinkin of goin South on a Sexy stud, whether they should release their sweet, saline enlightenment into your mouth, OR, not, realize this. Those little wigglers can actually be good for you, AND, your pearly whites (well kinda)! BUT, (forever more) that does NOT mean you should go around pumping some dazzling drifters juice down your pipes every day like some kinda protein smoothie! Let’s get to the gist of this shall we? The pungent tasting elixir of a man ISSSS really wholesome, well, on paper at least. HERE ARE THE STATS GRASSHOPPERS! It contains sky high amounts of protein, with Vitamin B12 Ladies, Zinc, Calcium, AND, even Magnesium. Just 1 single tsp. of this warm milk provides you with the amount of Vitamin C that a whole F***IN orange delivers. Christ! That Vitamin B12 nectar ISSSSS a nutrient that's gonna keep your body’s nerve, AND, blood cells as healthy as an ox Girlfriends. That's also the main ingredient that helps to make DNA which isn't a surprise to me anyway, since these swimmer liquids actually carry the genes of the shooter. Lol! Check out Zinc that Sexy sap has you Queen's; it's crucial for a healthy immune system. A lack of it can make you more prone to getting queasy. An average person only needs 8-11 mg of "Z" a day, BUT, (of course) I'm NOT recommending always gettin your source of this mineral from someone’s rocket launch. BUT, (just in case) if the tour de France flew down your throat, those journeying jiggles ARE packed with ammo! Let's look at my fav here. Calcium from that spirited syrup ISSS gonna strengthen your bone density. I'm dead serious Lovelies! Obviously being well known for its benefits to your bag a'bones, horny heart, mighty muscles, AND, even your irritated nerves Girls; how can you not take possession of this piston potion?! BUT, (I must add) you're probably better off gettin your skeletal additives somewhere else instead of milkin it from your man’s apparatus, right? COUNTER F***IN FACTUAL!!!! Use him as an extra supplement Lovelies! Then along cums Mary Magnesium who ISSSSS Calcium’s best F***IN friend, because? They both benefit each other for bone formation; it helps to absorb Calcium into the cartilage. Sooooo, in short? You need the big "M" to metabolize the Calcium taken, BUT, (in essence here) with this creamy case? Your dudes Calcium rich Sexy sauce also cums with Magnesium, SOOOOO, you road head givers DON'T have to measure, OR, balance out your Sexy diet! Looking at his rich supply of Vitamin C with its' variety of benefits, Sexy Scientists nowadays ARE flabbergasted with the diverse amounts that ARE Sensually spiked in the lingam liquid of a male body. From cardiovascular benefits, contaminates of cancer, stiffing strokes, AND, bull's eye health; COCK "C" IS the way to go! Pretty impressive right? This carbonara dressing IS more packed than an actual bowl of carbonara, PERIOD! BUT, (watch out) because those little droppers contain high amounts of acid Love, Love, Loving bacteria which WILL break down the enamel that protects your shinny smiles. Sooooo, just remember to brush, AND, rinse your fangs with some saltwater after performing mouth pleasure to your ONE AND ONLY, then you'll be good to go; just don’t go around swallowing this serum from random strangers alright! Other benefits of the men at sea? According to MORE research that I shoveled outta the gutters, Sister's, AND, yepper peppers, even brother's exposed to this succulent are LESS likely to be depressed because it's laced with mood lifting hormones. It's kinda like nature’s natural antidepressant to humanity!! This white gelato contains attitude altering estrone, AND, the famous oxytocin of course, along with melatonin, thyrotropin releasing hormone, serotonin, AND, a slew more! That well known Love, Love, Love hormone of Oxytocin ISSSSS a neurotransmitter that's involved in childbirth, AND breast nurturing. It's also the same hormone associated with empathy, AND, trust people! By hugely being responsible for various conditions including depression, anxiety, AND, even intestinal problems; what Woman, OR man if you're so inclined, wouldn't wanna suck off their partners essence? Generally, US Butterflies carry higher levels of it than males do; SOOOO, if a deficiency creeps in? Daaaaaaa! Take a gander at Serotonin. It ISSSSS an amino acid commonly found in nuts, LoL, AND I'm not just sayin the ones you crack either! It's crucial for our emotions, then stems right down to our motor skills. It's the chemical that helps us digest our grub, AND, even sleeping patterns. Though the swimmers ARE NOT good for your choppers, at least it can give you supreme supplementary benefits, enchanted wellbeing, AND, better ZZZZZ's at night for everyone concerned!

Alright my Sexy, Loyal apostles; playin the flute every day WILL keep the Doc away!


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