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??? Seduced OR Strung Along ???

Hello my fabulous followers! All things are spectacularly Sexy I hope? Today I have a tad bit lengthy opinion for my version of the power of Sexual exhortation, OR, the so called Art of Seduction; SO GRAB YOURSELF A TEA!!! Laden with its ambiguities, AND, apparent contradictions; arousing allurement CAN be precarious to say the very least, wouldn't ya say? Soooooo much so, that it's usually viewed as a double edged phenomenon. Similarly compared to RAPE if you can believe that one, OR, not, it’s undeniably manipulative non the less. YET, while its various plotting ploys may at times overlap with those of the forcible offense? It’s essentially all about the PROCESS of the ol' arm twist; versus threats, physical force, AND/OR even violence. Exceeding these attributes still? The artifice, AND, skullduggery characterizing Seduction are NOT entirely one sided. Its implementation typically involves one so called human being (traditionally the male) in the role of subjugator, AND, the other (generally us Sister's) reacting submissively as the subdued; whereas in a body violation there’s CLEARLY a perpetrator, AND, a victim. BUT, (as you must know) by its very definition? Seduction implies a certain mutuality, AND, connoting at least some degree of consent, right? I gotta add here that this IS true whether the Seducer is male, OR, Female; though for simplicity’s sake, my article at the moment WILL refer to the guy as the Seducer. Why? Because that's been as common as the nose on my F***IN face since the beginning of time! Except in Sexual fantasies, engendered by the libido, OR, ego inspired wish to be irresistibly desired; it can safely be asserted that NO ONE ever chooses to be naughtily attacked! BUT, (to put it bluntly) there ARE many individuals, AND, not just heterosexual Lady Bugs, who SECRETLY BTW yearn for the erotic excitement, titillating thrills, AND, the peculiarly illicit intimacy of being the coveted object of another's lust! I'm gonna say here that there ARE times when the Seducee however, unconsciously CAN actually be seen as paradoxically complicit with the Seducer. What else IS also a back bitter? Ha, if the Seducee IS still a virgin, Her very artless innocence, untainted essence, AND, intelligent ingenuity WILL carry its own powerful Seductive allurement all on Her own. I think VERY FEW men would disagree that a young Lass not yet deflowered can project a vastly more appealing, AND, tempting eroticism than any hard core, provocatively dressed prostitute. Ya think!! DON'T FUCKING LIE EITHER!!! Even though at its worst here? Tantalizing, come on will ya, CAN be seen as shamefully exploitative; it really CAN NOT be described as a dictatorial demand, bullying threat, OR, coercive. Instead? It’s looked at as enthralled captivation, luring bewitchment, AND? THE winning enticement! Ya sure, it never starts out as consensual, BUT, (Tee Hee) ultimately it ends up that way though! In a sense, it’s like surrendering to a delectable piece of chocolate cake. No one aimed a gun at your F***IN head and aggressively forced you to eat the Goddess damn thing, hmmm? BUT, (there it was) right in front of you, AND, just SOOOOO tempting that eventually it just simply overwhelmed your will to hold out against it! It could be said that persuasion of passion appeals not to the Seducee’s higher, more principled self, BUT, (Tada!) to their more impetuously romantic version of their Sensuous self. AND? This may be why the emotion following their temptation MAY be regret. The more positive aspects of their ambivalence now affirmed; the negative parts MAY regain prominence. And this would be likely IF, subsequent to the encounter, the Seducee comes to regard their submission as reflecting personal weakness; as their having wimpishly caved in to the others desire. On the plus side of things here? They may come to recognize that their being passionately made Love, Love, Love to, didn’t at all mean that they were Love, Love, Loved, OR, even cared about at all for Goddess sake! Only that they’d been CONVENIENTLY USED to gratify the philanderers indiscriminate Sex drive, OR, need to assert Sexual dominance over them! Judas Priest people!!!! Here's a biggy! What about the temperamental outcome of being mousetrapped? It CAN also contrast sharply to a Seducee’s experience of being TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF! For some Girlfriends, particularly those whose virginity WAS still in tact at the time, may actually feel freer, OR, Sexually liberated. Soooo, this singularly arousing savior faire of letting themselves be TAKEN BY ANOTHER, centers on the fleshy eroticism, OR, intrinsic side to any such intimate encounters. Perhaps the decoyed Sister, OR, brother for that matter, had been aggravated earlier by ridiculous religions, F***ED up societal systems, OR, irrational overblown fears of Sexually yielding themselves to another. Yet again, what did they experience in their knuckling under, AND, in permitting themselves an unprecedented expression of their Sensuality? Delightful relief; haaaa, especially if the entrapment demonstrated genuine interest in their pleasure! WHAT ELSE? They ideally also showed some non Sexual interest in them. Hmmm, maybe they joyfully empowered themselves in their Feminine Seductiveness; one that perhaps they’d never before realized, OR, even had the chance to have it appreciated. Again, all this suggests the curious paradoxes, OR, layers of presumably incompatible meaning that may characterize the exposure of being capable of affecting people in this particular manner. One might claim that Seduction IS Seduction, AND, always understandable in terms of one person’s exploiting another. BUT, (read this!) given the manifold complexities of human nature? That deduction seems over F***ING simplified! For it should by now be obvious that at some level the Seducee (key word) CONSENTED to be STRUNG ALONG; that She HAD a certain POSITIVE INVESTMENT in the ORGANIC CONTRACT (otherwise, of course, it would be rape). Look, many grasshoppers, (FROM BOTH SEXES) want to be intimately induced. They relish the attention it would afford. Charmed by the appetizing appeal to their senses; OR the gratification of viewing themselves as erotically enticing. This IS especially true for the satisfaction of the other person’s SOOOOOO much desiring, OR, better yet, craving physical affection with them. The famous asseveration of Madame de Stael from some two centuries ago boldly states? The desire of the man IS for the Woman, BUT, (pay attention here) the desire of the Woman IS for the desire of THE man. Sister's, brother's, being lured in IS neither good, NOR, bad, virtuous, OR, vicious. Depending on its underlying motives and outcome, it CAN be decidedly negative, AND, at its extreme, result in downsized self esteem, obstacles with body image, Sexual apprehensions, OR, desperation! BUT, (IT CAN) be exceptionally gratifying, AND, not just for the Seducer. In the end of it all grasshoppers? It might be said that Sexual persuasiveness IS best seen contemptuous. In the matters of fact here? It CAN culminate in a romantic relationship, which BTW, eventually develops into a long term committed one. And in such instances, it might be hypothesized that maybe what really occurred was a kinda mutual BRAINWASHING, suggesting to me, well, that maybe it wasn’t really Seduction at all!

Don't get strung along Lovelies!


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