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Feminine Harvest Moon

Hiya! SHE'S here FINALLY; AND you men certainly GOTTA be feelin the CONFUSING JOLT of HER grand appearance that's puttin you in your place? Allow me to fill ya in!!!! This year’s Feminine Harvest Moon HAS showed up grasshoppers!!! SHE HAS come back to US today, Friday the 13th; first time in EXACTLY 13 years! Aren't ya ALL wired up to cast your meditation practices for opening up to your deep Feminine wisdom? Ya damn well better be!!! The Harvest Moon got HER name because SHE provided the light (as ALL Female entities do) to farmers needin to yield their Summer annual production. THE name IS given to THE Full Moon that occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox, which here in the Northern hemisphere passes today September 13th Lovelies! AND? Since I’ve been thinkin A TON lately about the innate Butterfly wisdom that’s hidden in ALL of our blissful bodies, I’d like to use this Goddess Scriptured Harvest Moon, whether, OR, not it’s the squirrel harrowing Season in your part of the world, OR, NOT so we CAN reap our own kinda uniquely Female fruitage. ALL OF US, (including the other specie, MEN that is) have an ancient Feminine heritage buried deep inside of our being. You might NOT be aware that IT exists, OR, you may only NOW (hopefully) be starting to wake the FUCK UP to its presence; Ta Da, hence the (Feminine)Tantric lifestyle bombarding the human race, BUT, (it’s there) just the same!!!! Look people, how can you not? The Womb surrounded you, AND, nurtured your existence to spit new life! That being said; you absorbed that literally into your DNA; you CAN'T deny, OR, get rid of it! We have wisdom, AND, answers that CAN be MUTUAL when we develop enough stillness in our lives (DAAAA, MEDITATION PEOPLE!) to listen up damn it! It’s always been there, we've just been unconscious from being clubbed over the F***IN head from the patriarchal societal conditioning that's all! Sooooo, on this Harvest Moon, we’re gonna ask for what? Come on will ya's!!!! What wisdom, AND, insight lies on the interior of your building, waitin to be reaped? One of the roots for the title harvest Moon comes from ol' European peasant ways. Tis the Season of agriculture, AND, grazin animals who lived feastin in the pastures, CATALIZED there after by the growin cycles of? Our Mother Terrane of course! Women’s mysteries, ALSO, have at the core these Earth tides as well. LISTEN UP HERE LOVEAAASSS!!!! IT IS SAID that the Pineal gland, COINED by Descartes as the seat of our Sexy Soul, OR, better yet? Our third eye (get this), ISSSSSS accelerated by HER Moonlight! Oh ya, THE gland that regulates the endocrine system, which secretes melatonin; you know, that happy go lucky chemical, dictating to our horny hormones, AND, other rhythmic cycles like NURTURING (which IS Feminine) sleep patterns. DEEP psychology admittedly exposes that Yin (Female again), OR, Anima energy, what some call the inner Feminine, IS symbolized by HER Moon of our unconscious. Yang on the other hand of things, or animus, IS the sun. Whether you know it, OR, not again, we've always saged from this resource of our prudencs, the unconscious, by studying these intricate attributes. HER Stellar Orbit enlightens instructions about nature as SHE passes through times of creation (in any form), afterlife, aurora AND, obscurity! This IS the inner Anima raison d'être, what neuroscience tells us lives in the right hemisphere of our F***IN Einstein Balls! It IS a cyclical, evolution oriented part of ourselves, like a complex web, OR, a spiral instead of a checkerboard or bar graph. This right hemisphere bulldozes the vision of our Genius, penetrative gut knowledge, AND, other SO CALLED non-rational instincts. AND, when IT aids well developed interhemishpere nueronal pathways? Ha! Basically, it's gonna strengthen the clever inventive, internal side of YOU, YOU, YOU; contributing to a tenacious, more resourced logical function, OR, left hemisphere, to boot! Picture a figure eight when ya think of how you want your beaners communication with itself to go. HER Full Autumn Gathering Moon ISSSSS especially exertive this week, AND, preeminently effective in saddling the depth of the dark anima, our inner Soul, OR, life dynamism unmanifested in our unconscious. SHE draws this Anima into the light, whatever shadow part of yourself you truly don’t wanna look at; which BTW, we all have these parts deeply stuffed away that we don’t want anyone to see. This IS a truly transformative time Loveaaaas; a juncture that WILL feel like your blood is cookin, OR, bubblin up. I'm not shittin ya's! SHE regulates all fluids, look how SHE initiates the briny tides surge and slump to the occasion. Yepper, peppers, your garden rhythm sluice is NO different! She’s brewin up your fervor essence! Psyche IS swarmin right now, meaning?? There's a quickening of life! People are intrinsically connected to Gaia, AND, HER natural world. The passing of this Moon IS preparing US ALL now on our biological level for hibernation. Shit Sherlock's, I know this one well, because I'm the super satisfied Goddess Grizzly of all! There's a rush of life we genuinely feel grasshoppers; like squirrels scattering to stow away nuts for their pantry shelves. Christ, I should be writin Children's books! Who knows, maybe I am.

What part of you is naggin to change? Let that big ol' immortal Moon shine like a flash light into the profundity of who you are, you know what I mean?! The upcoming Winter IS a POSITIVE reflective period meant for rejuvenation, AND, growth in our most unconscious, BUT, (yes) intimate levels, EXACTLY where the Anima lives! This tradition IS of course the wisdom of the Effeminate. How ALL of life, from the inmost shady, genuine essential still point, chaotic callousness, to the edge of the Sun, AND, the tops of the stars which BTW, WILL become someday grains of Sensual sand between you toes! IT'S ALL CONNECTED LOVEAAAAS!!! What we do to one, we execute to the whole, SOOOO, don't you F***IN forget that! We MUST hold this awareness in gentle reverence, joyful solace, AND, give homage all our moments by honouring life in all its form, ESPECIALLY TODAY!

Take the time grasshoppers to worship HER rise tonight!


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