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Carnal Cords

Hey all you instrumental intellects! Wanna be absolutely stellar in the bedroom? Well, probing fact finders say music IS the golden key to being THE master at this action! Tee Hee, it’s a classic controversy in the realm of Creationism vs Evolution, of the chicken vs the egg, OR, almond butter vs peanut butter! Should you hug on words to tunes while havin Sex, OR, not? I know, I know, you're perplexed right? I’m sure that back in the day, ALL OF US awkwardly fidgeted with a cumbersome record player before gettin down, AND, nasty! AND? It WAS bloody well inconvenient, SOOOOOO, most Sister's and brother's just screwed in sad silence. How horrible is that?!

BUT, (Yeah!) now, all WE have to do IS click open Spotify, press the play button, and presto, Marvin Gaye can join you for some sweet Love, Love, Lovemaking! I actually thought a lot of grasshoppers listened to soul melodies while havin Pushy. For me? A plump, passionate playlist has ALWAYS been a prerequisite in the Love, Love, Love chamber, AND? Has definitely expanded ANY AND ALL physical sensations COMBINED WITH ALL the emotional undertones! Receiving the frequency of melodies while havin La La HAS, honest as Goddess, psychological benefits, NOT TO MENTION givin you the gizmos to be your unlimited primo selves in the Sexy Sak!!! BUT, (sadly) it turns out, that most of the folks I've chitter chatted with found that playin a piece of bee bop while havin THE RIGHT STUFF, is kinda weird, OR, have never thought to prioritize it as an integral part of the journey in the first Goddess damn place! Hmmm, unfortunate for sure. Yet, other grasshoppers said that they wanna try, BUT, (excuses, excuses) never have the chance to actually turn on some intimate auxilary at all before even startin the engines! What party poopers!!!! Research HAS been buttoned up from The McGill University, with findings that reveal escuchando música cues the clemency of dopamine; you know, the feels SOOOOO F***IN good chemical in our beaners that also gets liberated when we reward ourselves with vittles of vitality, those forty winks, AND, of course, SEX! Another amazing musing from the same Wisdom seekers found that hearkening in on Sexy sanguine acoustics escalates our hunch that we should take a romp in the hay! LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!! Soooooooo, it looks like you CAN maximize your feel good chemical release by listenin to music while having the ultimate physical connection with you one and only!!! What could be more stimulating than that? NOTHING!!!!! Here’s even more credentials for ya's! Crankin the tunes during SEX, WILL help all you Lovelies to focus on your moves, AND, distract you from negative thoughts, OR, feelings; whatever the hell those are! Fruitless fatigue, Yikes, STRESS, OR, anything else for that matter IS gonna prevent you from reachin your full potential in the cozy chambers of Love, Love, Love! Discoveries HAVE been made, that LISTENIN UP to lullaby's WILL help us narrow in on our attention to the physical activity adventure at hand; which, BTW, means? Well, you WON'T be distracted from any sensations arising out of your Love, Love, Love parts while exercising ecstasy people!!!! Cranking those popular soul swings during !!!Ta Da!!! WILL help you focus on your partner, their groovin maneuvers, AND, sidetrack you from negative BULLSHIT thoughts that usually always prevent Loveaaaaaas from reaching their full pleasure power in the Sacred Sanctuary! NOT ONLY THIS, BUT, (hello) you’ll last longer, feel less fagged out, AND, because of how focused you are, become HYPERAWARE of every physical sensitivity! Yo people, HOW TANTRIC IS THIS HMMMMM? And get this? Even Spotify thinks listenin to horny hymns while havin the most important engagement with your Loveaaaaaa is SOOOOOO big league. In the matter of fact here? They conducted a Goddess damn study just recently to pore over what kinds of naughty notes we’re listenin to while we get frisky. It was actually led by this music psychologist, AND, the book cracking asked about 2,000 Sister's and brother's between the ages of 18, AND, 91 (Yep, that'll be me at 91) what their favourite songs are to have a delicious dip to. Here are the top 10 results; some of these I've never even heard before, BUT, (I'm willin to set a new rhythm for 2020!) It's all music to my ears!!!

Feelin’ Myself - Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj

I’m a Slave 4 U - Britney Spears

MY FAV - I Want Your Sex - George Michael

Milkshake”- Kelis

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Cola - Lana Del Rey

Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil’Kim, Mya, Pink

Raspberry Beret - Prince

Moonage Daydream - David Bowie

Hot in Here - Nelly

Strike those cords comrades! oxoxoxoxo

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